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Company and Business Listing in the UAE


Company and business listing are of paramount importance for both domestic and multinational business companies. Most customers tend to search up for a business company over the web and so the listing of businesses helps in the promotion of better visibility of the company over the Internet by customers and stakeholders. The business listing in UAE promotes add-on for the search engine rankings, boost SEO, and allows the information of business companies to pop up when customers search for it. There are different business listing sites for different businesses across the globe, such as Google, Super Pages, City Search, Brown Book, Merchant Circle, Four Square, and Yelp, among others. Information such as company products, contact details, location, etc. can be made available to the customers through free company business listing sites.

Listing in UAE

Advertising and promoting a business brand name and products are of the utmost importance for any business company. Fast and simple, business listing in UAE help to create various branding, website traffic, and revenues techniques such as that of PPC and social media for businesses. The business listing allows businesses to promote their brand and products by providing all the necessary and important details of the business. The free business listing site UAE includes these details in the UAE business directories so that customers can get online search results when they search with the keywords related to the particular business. The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) provides step by step guidelines for company listing in UAE. The DFM represents a part of the largest securities in both the UAE and internationally with the aim to help business companies go public.

There are certain requirements for listing businesses, such as the Equities involved, the Fixed Income, and the Funds. The UAE, especially Dubai, is one of the top business centers in the world, and so the listing of business companies in the UAE becomes very important. Listing of business would allow more visibility and attract more customers. For listing any business in the UAE, it is important to list the business in the local UAE business directories too. This would enable potential customers to easily get access to the company details and information through search engines. Listing business also allows boosting of the Search Engine Optimization(SEO), which gives businesses an upper hand in the competitive business environment. The Dubai Business Directory is perhaps Dubai’s first online business directory, which allows businesses to list their companies under their respective sectors/category along with their details such as website, address, business descriptions, contact details, etc. Business listing in UAE gives customers comprehensive details and directions of the business and offers business companies to promote and advertise their brand free of cost. The Official Etisalat Yellowpages is a free online business directory in the UAE which provides business companies with all the listing solutions and requirements in the UAE. Different hospitals, restaurants, retailers, and other business companies in the UAE can get access through a listing of the same.

Free company and business listing sites in the UAE

There are numerous free business listing site UAE for the promotion and advertisements to increase the search visibility and profit of business companies. Some free listing sites to index business services in the UAE are listed below:

  • Free Ads Time –
  • Finder Master –
  • Biz Community –
  • Yellow Pages –
  • Craigslist –
  • Walls Classifieds –
  • Gigantic List –
  • Enroll business –
  • ae –

These are some free listing sites among many sites that are simple and easy ways to promote business companies in the UAE.

How to find them

The business listings give you vital information about the business. You can get information about the name, website, address, hours of operation, and many more about the business on the listings. The free business listing site UAE gives the customers or the potential customers the information about the business in UAE. Some of the free UAE business listing sites are 2FINDLOCAL, 2GIS,, Adeex, Adlandpro, ADSFARE,, Aileensoul, Aiwa, All Dubai,, AngelList,, Classonet, DayofDubai, Eye of Dubai, Infobel, UAE contacts, and many more. The 2FINDLOCAL allows the business to search the records using the business phone number they have already listed, and if they are new users, they can create their business listing from scratch. The 2GIS allows the business to add their company to the listing free of charge. The needs an account to search and create business listings.

The DayofDubai allows the users to search the business listings in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Dubai, Ras al Khaimah, and Ajman. The Eye of Dubai includes listings from different categories such as business and money, education, telecom and IT, and travel and tourism. In the business and money category, it includes real estate, trading companies, insurance companies, retails, accounting and auditing firms, perfume and cosmetics, jewelry and watches, forex and currency, credit and finance companies, petrochemical industries, and furniture stores. In the education category, it includes international and private schools, private universities, training institutes and centers, and public universities.

In the telecom and IT category, it includes telecommunication companies and information technology companies. The travel and tourism category includes airlines, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, chalets and rest houses, limousine and taxi, tourism and travel agencies, shopping malls, and bakery and pastries. These listing sites are free and can be used to look for business listings in the UAE.


During company and business listing, business companies should fill up their details in the sites in such a way that the customers would not get confused by the inadequate or overcrowding of information. Pictorial representations, as well as video and audio, can be added to increase the business credibility. The business listing site in the UAE  help in promotion while getting traffic as well as quality backlinks for business companies.