10 Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Professionally Designed Feel

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Most of us have a natural taste for design especially when it comes to decorating our house interiors at a professional level. We look for plenty of design ideas and makeover tips from all possible sources and fold up our sleeves into the arena. When this arena is nothing great but the same old house we live across years, there is possibly indefinite number of areas that require style makeover. Starting from ceiling to walls and cabinets we need to squeeze our brains to get that professionally designed feel. Here are some tips from villa interior design Chennai for an excellent looking home

Top décor ideas for villas

Texturing the house interiors:

We have witnessed our house ceilings and walls with only plain paints of same colors or perhaps contrast colors and some of us would have improvised them with wall papers and posters all these years. But now the trend is to add texture to plain surfaces inside houses to include a tinge of professional décor. Artistic wall panels are capable of infusing contextual art to the contemporary walls and are available in different patterns to create a dramatic impact from floor to ceiling. There are different boards for walls, ceilings, brick wall panels etc. to cater to individual décor ideas. 

Adding an element of boldness to small places at home

Small spaces inside the houses such as makeup rooms, dressing rooms, study rooms, store rooms are the most neglected areas when it comes to interior décor. But these small spaces have ample scope to enhance the overall beauty of the houses when concentrated well. The walls of such rooms can be given a style upgrade using Graphic prints, use of acoustic gypsum wallboards, floral wallpapers etc., 

Styling the hallways with colors

Hallways are the transitional spaces at all homes as it leads our visitors to all other areas of the house. Dealing them with neutral pale shades would flatten the entire ambience of the house. It is thus important to make it as colorful and elegant as possible by affording ample colors. Subtle and vibrant golden yellow shades would give the feeling of contentment, soft leaf shades would bring in gentle feel of freshness and greenery, and deep colors would conjure deep emotional responses. It is thus important to step aside of one’s comfort zone when choosing colors and complementing art collections for a chic hallway. 

Décor with mixed up art collections:

There is no interior décor without show case art pieces, wall hangings and other collectibles. When we collect these show pieces to portray our taste for interior design we go by the rule of sticking to one style, such as either contemporary or modern. But the best idea for a professional interior design is to mix up both old and new things from different time periods in the same room by striking a balance between them. This way it is possible to make the house feel holistic while still honoring actual heritage. 

Final words:

Contact a credible villa interior designer in Chennai like Insign and benefit from customized décor ideas for a dazzling home. 

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