10 things to do in long-distance relationships


People who have been in relationships for at least a year or two know when hard times can take a toll on relationships. But those who have fallen in love newly probably did not get to experience such ups and downs when this unexpected lockdown knocked on our doors. Not only them, families that lived in different cities and countries due to the job postings of kids and parents have also come to a crossroad in life. What the time requires is for you to stay together and stay strong.

To keep our healthy and love-filled bonds intact, one way is that we are all probably practising every day is to talk. But some things can’t be conveyed in words and those can be said through presents and surprises. And when times are demanding, going an extra mile or two for the people you love and miss is only genuine and caring. With Floweraura cake delivery in Oman and many other countries, a lot is sorted. And inclusive of this, there are a lot of things you can do for your loved ones going through a phase of long-distance.

This is a call to all our love birds and loving families to not let the scenario of the world win over their relationships and do these littlest things to keep everything as it was.

  • Write to each other

Write to each other every day either on paper or through a note or a message. You can make the whole thing interesting by saving these handwritten love letters to give them in person the day you meet each other. And of course, you can also gift each other a beautiful message online every day.

  • Sing together

Stay on calls for the maximum part of the day and do all the things together. Spend moments of happiness and make memories by getting on calls at a fixed time and doing activities like singing, dancing, binge-watching and doing other things together.

  • Virtual dinner nights

Have dinner with your family over skype or have a romantic virtual dinner with your partner sitting at your houses through the use of technology and innovation. Cook similar meals and use the time to strengthen your bond by fighting against odds and coming out better and stronger.

  • Cooking together on video calls

Get together on video calls every time you cook because, for many, it is beyond belief that they have to cook now alone. Don’t let the situation take over and cook meals together on calls and make happy moments out of them. Take screenshots and get these memories developed, or start with a diary too.

  • Send presents

Send presents to your loved ones. It is a must-do for times when they are deserving, and this is one such time that demands you to shower them with love, presents, cakes, cards, bouquets and more by sending them to whichever place they live by choosing the online portal that helps you the best way possible.

  • Find a common hobby

Find a common hobby between you, your family or your partner and enjoy learning and practising it together. It has become very easy with everything available online. All you have to do is sign up for the same classes and begin the journey to add to your skills.

  • Talk everyday

Talk to your loved ones every day without a day being missed. Talk about anything that comes to your mind and try to keep the conversation as fun and positive as possible. Fix timings if you think it is not easy to find commonality in the schedule.

  • Chant together

Chanting and praying to God became not only more relevant but more practised lately, and all people in families are titled towards spending some quality time with their family members and the divine spirits. Be a part of the holy practice and chant together with your family for inner peace.


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