3 Amusement Parks in New South Wales for Family Trips and Romantic Getaways

There is no age limit to loving the zest and vibrancy of amusement parks. They have always been around for their beauty’s thrill. Amusement parks are a timeless classic that no one can forget about! 

When you travel around the world, you’re looking for something fun to do, where you can create awesome and unforgettable memories. Countless adventures await in every corner of the globe, and a week is not even enough to list them all. You have innumerable choices, and it will be super exciting already just to think of them! 

Throughout all the listicles you’re going to select from, do not ever skip New South Wales. Besides stupendous beaches and natural masterpieces, this Australian state houses a great deal of amusement parks filled with amazing histories, offering chunks of worth-keeping delight to all. It would be regretful to miss them during your trip to New South Wales! 

Take note of this friendly list that introduces you to some of New South Wales’ fun fairs, so you will know where to go once you’re there as a traveler or whenever you just feel bored as a local. Check out these 3 amusement parks in New South Wales for family trips and romantic getaways! Share this to the people you want to bring to an invigorating day of rides, games and treats.  


Photo credit: Magic Mountain Merimbula

Small in size but big in delight! Magic Mountain Merimbula is a well-loved tourist attraction located in the radiant stretch of Sapphire Coast, a priceless gem in New South Wales.   

It has a wide range of exhilarating rides and fantastic features that anyone would love! While Magic Mountain Merimbula wants every guest to go on a stress-free spree, it provides outstanding services that satisfy visitors. From accommodating inquiries to leading the way to a great time, the amusement park is busy in accomplishing them all! 

There are lots of gleeful rides to try. If once is not enough for you, then go for another round! Water Slides are the way if you’re onto a rejuvenating time to splash cheer. Grand Prix Cars will drive you merry whenever you’re ready. It’s ideal for duos — couples or not! Tube Rider must be your thing if you’re a fan of bracing twists and turns with speed that translates to jollies; moreover, it’s a recently made highlight of the recreation ground!

Perfect for youngsters and for youthful adults, Magic Carpet is where you let yourself glide down the slide clothed with the colors of the rainbow. It’s small but swank! Another fresh face in this theme park, Crazy Car will brighten up your clock as it makes you flash & whirl. 

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

A one-of-a-kind magnet is the Magic Mountain Maze. As you know, mazes are designed for some confusion that will make heads ache, but the entertainment is for sure! Cool surprises lie ahead around the maze’s loops and hooks. You may obviously get lost in the way but get found in buckets of laughter and fun! Magic Mountain Maze is a must for families and for couples if you want something to strengthen your bonds.

Just like the maze, the Tree Climb Challenge is another crowd-puller that distinguishes Magic Mountain Merimbula from many other amusement parks in New South Wales. If you’re game for a sensational adventure on your feet, take on this fun challenge! With more than 30 puzzlers, 3 tree-top obstacle courses and 11 ziplines, the Tree Climb Challenge will see to it you don’t go home bored. It happens in a serene, scenic and safe area, so it’s fine for kids and for everyone who’s scared to try it. Plus, the views above will take away your hesitations! Definitely a cherry on top for romantic getaways!

The Sapphire Speedster Coaster, Toboggan Rides, Jumping Castle and Mini Golf are also part of this theme park. You’ll probably see and know more when you yourself visit it! There’s yummy food for good prices. Picnic areas are available for use, so you can have a cozier time in Magic Mountain Merimbula!   


Photo credit: Travelazzi

Its name is unique enough to intrigue you! Situated in Pacific Highway of Coffs Harbour, The Big Banana Fun Park is the largest amusement park bounded by the Gold Coast and Sydney. You probably have guessed it right; this amusement is banana-themed, and there’s a huge banana installation where guests shoot their obligatory tourist photos! 

Why is it named that way? The Big Banana Fun Park is positioned in the middle of a banana plantation. This fact is already interesting! Add to that the scoop that it is included in Australia’s first Big Things. They are called such because they are literally big constructions. That’s enjoying the park’s buzz and stepping into its noteworthy history at the same time.

It has a superb water park, filled with water slides for different ages and styles. The Racer is found in The Big Banana Fun Park; it is known as Australia’s biggest giant slide. If you’re lion-hearted, give it a go! If you want to conquer your fear of heights from tall slides at high speed, then try it! The thrill will be like no other. It will be one for the books!

Witness the grace of the Pacific Ocean from an extraordinary angle with the park’s Toboggan Ride. It’s normal to feel like your heart wants to jump out from your chest while you go up the trail before the ride goes to a rousing drop!

You might be surprised to know that there’s an ice skating zone in The Big Banana Fun Park. Beat the heat and the boredom in Ice Rink. It’s a nice place for couples if you’re on your action-packed romantic getaways

Photo credit: Australasian Leisure Management

Well, that’s not yet it! The Big Banana Fun Park is more diverse than you think. It has a spot for animals as well in The Steve McEwan’s Reptile World. Enjoy the 36-Hole Mini Golf Course, the Go Bananas Fun Zone, the 4D Ride Simulator and the cutting-edge Laser Tag Arena. 

A section no guest must ever miss in this amusement park is The World of Bananas with a high-tech theatre and tour experience. Sit back and unwind while you learn new things about bananas! Plantation tours follow the theatre presentations. Astonishing mementos and interactive exhibitions are there. You will never know you need to learn about the long history of bananas until you enter The World of Bananas. 

If you think that’s all, you’re wrong! Opal Centre is where a stunning collection of natural Australian opal gems, jewelries and ornaments are found. If you’re in The Big Banana Fun Park for your romantic getaways, this is where you can buy something sparkly special for your dear love. 

Of course, there’s something for the taste buds and tummies. The Cheesemaking Workshop is a cheese paradise within this amusement park. From local to imported cheese products, they have it here. You can give self-customized cheese gifts with wines and hampers to your loved ones. The Candy Making Kitchen, where they make rock candies in front of customers, is popular! Lastly, the Going Bananas Cafe can be busy, but it just shows how its food is worth the wait. Banana specials on the menu are a must-try! 

It’s clean and secure. The staff are friendly. The rides and games do not disappoint. Even after long years of existence, The Big Banana Fun Park still stands by its line that says “It’s a whole bunch of fun!” 


Photo credit: Klook Philippines

Exceptional in popularity and excellent in quality, Luna Park in Milsons Point is last but not the least!

Starting from its entryway, it already won’t make you forget it. The iconic gigantic smiling moon welcomes all guests to Luna Park. Initially named “Harbourside Amusement Park”, it is one of two amusement parks all over the world protected by government legislation. It was established in the 1930’s, and what many visitors adore about it is how it has retained vintage features and rides. It really gives off that retro vibe that brings you back to the good old times if you were there and that gives you a sweet glimpse of them if you weren’t.

Operating throughout the year, Luna Park is a dynamic destination that should be in your trip’s plan. The activities are animating, and the views around are alluring! For fun-loving peeps, Luna Park is the way to go. 

Photo credit: Zamperia

Roller coasters that will make you whoop, sniggle and tear up all at the same time are here! The New Big Dipper, Boomerang, Little Nipper are some of them. Get ready to screech because the biggest wave swinger ride in the country is in Luna Park; it’s called Volare. If you want to somehow experience the life of flies, try Rotor. You will stand, be pushed, be spun around and be left hanging in mid-air. It’s safe unlike how it sounds! And the Hair Riser sticks to its name’s meaning.  

There are other sections that will sprinkle magic and excitement to romantic getaways. The Dodgem City is a bumper car segment perfect for families and couples. See who’s the better driver! The Carousel with 1,640 twinkling lights in and around it is so romantic! The 40-meter high Ferris Wheel where the gorgeous sights of Sydney’s remarkable landmarks and heartwarming skyline can be witnessed is a must. The Coney Island is Australia’s one and only authentic 1930s funhouse that values and displays the past’s beauty like it’s the present. There are slideshow games for blissful bondings as well! 

No regret when you spend a priceless moment with loved ones in Luna Park’s embrace! 



Terrific! New South Wales is not just all visuals and famous names. It is most especially a specialist in allowing people to carve wonderful memories that last for a lifetime. 

Aside from mountains and seas you can have a good time in, amusement parks are there to keep you smiling (and shouting!) They are an ideal place to take a trip down memory lane and to create fresh remembrances. Nothing beats the experience that amusement parks offer. And nothing is like that experience when you get it from New South Wales. 



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