5 Beautiful Plants For A Green Balcony, Even In Winter Season

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As soon as you are done with your autumn garden, you have to plan out plants for the upcoming season because soon the weather is going to start to change. I know nature can be tricky sometimes. If you like plants around your house and have been a keen planter you might be already aware that all seasons have a set of plants that survive in that particular weather. Soon, in some parts of the world, chilly winters are going to begin. When you will be all snuggled up in your cozy throw blankets, your plants will be still out with the merciless chills. But don’t worry, some plant species are brave enough to stand tall in the cold weather as well. 


It is completely understandable if you live in a small space where you have to maintain a balcony garden or you like the idea of balcony gardens more. The thing is, first of all, it is a balcony and on top of it, it’s the season of winter. Not all plants can survive in pots and small containers, some need larger space to thrive. That cuts off a fair variety of plants. Then we have to keep in mind the chilly season as well, cutting off plant species even further. Thus you are left with a smaller list but I can assure you that even these plants are gorgeous, bright enough to make your garden look the best in the neighborhood. Get ready to order plants online as I am going to discuss with you a few plant names apt for your balcony when winter arrives. 


Winter heather plant

This plant is an amazing pick for the season of winter. Winter heathers are flowering plants that love the winds and rains. If your area receives ample of these two, then you can grow winter flowering heather on your balcony. You can grow them in containers and pots and keep them in the balcony if you would like to enjoy beautiful blooms during the coldest months in your area. This plant will add a violet colour to your balcony and you can enjoy them in multiple pots as the plant is an inexpensive pick for your balcony garden. Best thing about winter heather?  This plant is easy to grow and manage, so you won’t have to spend much time outside to take its care. 


Midwinter fire plant

Isn’t the name just so fascinating to make to want them already? The plant is named so because of its colour. To be honest, the plant has only stems and twigs and no foliage, but the color is pretty enough to add a tint to your balcony. It has yellow stems that are tipped with red twigs. Together, they look beautiful, especially when looked at from a distance. So, your balcony will have a bright addition when people will look at it from down or their balconies. The plant may flower as well and its flowers are very showy and pretty. Also, the flowers have a fragrance which is a bonus for you. 


Dwarf conifer plants

Here is a mini little plant for your balcony, dwarf conifers. This plant got its name because of the small height of the plant. The plant will not grow tall, so it can be an ideal pick if you have space issues in your balcony. The reason to pick this plant is very clear, its dwarf height which actually looks very cute and pretty. It will be a unique addition to all the normal or tall-growing plants in your balcony. Most people like to add dwarf conifers because the plant gives a structure as well as bright green colour to the patio or balcony garden in the time of dull winters. The plant will be a great company to your winter heather as well and you can play with the shape of the plant. You can buy money plants online as they come in pre-made shapes, you will just have to put them in your desired place. 


False holly plant

False holly is a really pretty plant and you will love every bit of it. What is so remarkable about this plant? Well, the appearance of the plant is what you should look out for, the leaves are not of the usual shape or colour, instead, they yield holly-like leaves that are spun irregularly. Talking about the colour, it is a mix of cream and green with green being in the center and cream in the edges. It is an amazing pic for a balcony garden as it even attracts birds to your balcony. The plant is an evergreen thing, thus, suitable for winters as well. They can even be planted in the garden as they make an amazing border.

These are some plants that absolutely love winter and thus can be added to your balcony garden. 

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