5 Good Reasons Why Quitting Without a Plan B is So Much Better than Staying in a Toxic Job

5 Good Reasons Why Quitting Without a Plan B is So Much Better than Staying in a Toxic Job

Leaving your job is probably the bravest decision you’ll ever make — especially if you don’t have a Plan B. Very often, workers are told to never quit if they still don’t have a clear vision of where to go next. BUT, WHO CARES? It’s a free world and travelling without a map makes a priceless adventure. 

A backup plan may always sound a great idea to some OCs out there, but if your current workplace is a toxic one, then maybe quitting without a fallback, even if you’re a goal-oriented person, is just totally fine. Chances are you might have zero time to come up with a plan before you decide to open that door and exit for good. Well, the fact that you get yourself out of there is already your winning trophy — congrats!

People quitting their jobs have different backstories for sure. While some of them experience difficulties in a very unhealthy environment, others are just done handling their bad managers. Whether it’s the environment, the people or the job itself, if something about your work is making you sick and wreaking havoc on your overall health, then you’re not doing yourself any favours by staying. You need to get yourself out of it immediately.

I know there are lots of you who can hardly wait to quit with no backup, but the fact that there’s no certain light at the end of the tunnel scares you so bad. Don’t fret because I am here to help. Here are good reasons why it’s OK to quit your job without a fallback, according to me who has been there and done that with confidence and a hair flip. 

You start protecting your health from work stressors. 

The high rate of toxic environments-causing-burnout in the industry is what forces us to live in a ‘stick it out’ attitude until things get better. But, guess what? After you get through the ‘impostor syndrome phase’, nothing will change. Things that are toxic will be forever toxic. You begin to realise that when the thought of going to work each day starts to take a toll on your mental and physical wellness. 

That’s when it’s okay to leave with or without a plan. Never endure warning signs of work stress including weight gain, trouble in sleeping, depression, anxiety and nausea. You can’t just stick it out forever as it will only stunt your career growth and hurt your self-confidence, so get out while you can. 

You stay away from a bully boss. 

A boss who manipulates the team, talks about you behind your back, controls you aggressively, does not accept constructive criticisms, and takes things personally is a bully. No more explaining, stay away from that kind of boss whether you have a Plan B or not.   

There’s no remedy for bad management. 

There are no available quick fixes to your work stressors. Even if you have an honest talk with your toxic boss or the HR support department, none of these will be a remedy for a bad situation — especially if they’re not willing to help you settle the case. If discussing the problem will only worsen the situation, it could be time to head for an exit.

Your company is in trouble. 

You would notice it when the company is in serious jeopardy. Chances are they won’t give your salary on time; you are underpaid; they won’t convert your remaining leave credits to cash as promised; and, they struggle to give you substantial raises. If you find yourself in this situation and you know what you’re worth at work, then that’s a warning signal to leave.  

You have enough time to create your next game plan. 

Once you get out of the toxic zone, it’s time to let go of the things that need to stay in that dark place. Find light in new beginnings by taking a head start to your next journey. Bon voyage! 

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