A Brief Guide about Undergrad Programs at Oregon State University

Oregon State University

Oregon state university is one of the most prestigious public research institutes located in Oregon, United States of America. The university was established in the nineteenth century, and since then, it is trying its best to spread high quality and research-based education to the learners. The university offers equal opportunities to local and international students to join it.

Oregon State University

Currently, the university is offering admission to local and international students in more than two hundred undergraduate study programs.  It is a significant opportunity for aspiring students from developing countries like Pakistan to secure their admission. They can learn from the best teachers and mentors in the world, polish their skills, and contribute to the progress of their country.

This article aims to provide a brief guide about undergraduate programs at Oregon state university, so explore in detail to learn more about them.

Top 8 Undergraduate Programs at OSU for International Students

Undergraduate admissions are one of the most critical time periods in the life of students. They have just started dreaming, and they need to be sure of their dream in order to pick the right direction. Some are always sure to continue their higher education at the international level but still need guidance to pick the best study program. Well, here is a guide to help you make your decision faster.

The following are the top undergraduate programs at Oregon state university for international students.

1. Agricultural and Food Business Management

Oregon state university has put quite thought into designing their study programs. It is evident from the undergraduate program of agricultural and food business management. It shows the futuristic thought to protect the food chain while ensuring innovation. The international students interested in the program seek the help of education consultants in Pakistan and secure their admission to learn more about agriculture and food business management.

2. Apparel Design

Apparel designing is one of the most creative fields of study and profession. Although some people have the natural talent of being outstanding in design, a little help and professional guidance can open new avenues of progress for them. So, if you are interested in the field, the apparel design undergraduate program is your call.

3. Bioengineering

There is a general perception in society that bio and engineering are two completely different fields that have nothing to do with each other. However, it is all in the past. In this modern, twenty-first century era, engineering principles and designs are being used to process and discover the biological phenomenon. If it interests you, you can also secure admission to the bioengineering program of Oregon state university.

4. Bioresource Research

Bioresource research is another popular undergraduate program offered by the Oregon state university. The students joining the program will be able to carry on research in the field of biosciences under the guidance and mentorship of the best bioscientists in the world.

5. Creative Writing

Creative writing is one of the most important skills that you can polish and refine by getting mentorship from professionals. There are a lot of people who are not interested in pursuing studies in the field of science and business. Creative writing is their call if they are interested in writing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

6. Digital Communication Arts

The media holds great power, which is increasing with every passing day. Besides power, it has the responsibility of sharing true information in the right manner with the target audience. However, it is not doing so. The digital communication arts program at the Oregon state university will help gain the necessary skills and expertise to ensure better operation of media.

7. Ethnic Studies

The world population preaches equality and protection of all ethnic groups and races. However, this is a farfetched dream at the moment, as a number of minority ethnic groups are being discriminated against across the globe. The undergraduate program of ethnic studies will help you better understand these communities and how you can help and protect them.

8. Fisheries and Wildlife Science

The world environment is changing, bringing drastic impacts on the ecosystem and wildlife. However, without these, the ecosystem will face a greater blow. The fisheries and wildlife science program at Oregon state university is designed to protect this. If you are interested in this field, you can hire education consultants in Pakistan and secure your admission, as well as look after visa and arrival issues with their support.

Join Oregon State University Now!

If you want to continue your higher education at the international level, Oregon state university is the best choice. The university offers a variety of undergraduate study programs, so you have got numerous options. Just make sure to decide wisely and get in touch with consultants if something bothers you, instead of giving up on the idea of international study plans.

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