A Comprehensive Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

post construction cleaning

When the construction work is complete on the project site the last step that is taken by the companies and the client is to check the things and ensure that everything is clean and perfect. Construction is a kind of work that creates a lot of mess. Most of the time people do not like the work at the end due to the reason that the things are not clean. So that people think that work is not good. However, just after deep post construction cleaning, the people find out the house at its best. Well, this is the best ting of post-construction cleaning that it polishes everything.

The cleaning will make things look more pretty then first. There are many construction companies that provide cleaning of the project area as well. However, they charge differently for this service. So that it is up to you from where you get the cleaning service. Well, mainly all the professional cleaning companies make a checklist of their work so that they can tell you how they work. Moreover to this if you are new then it will also help you in getting straight to the work and understand the things.

What is a Checklist?

A post-construction cleaning checklist is detail documentation that is made after checking up the things. In this case, the companies send their company person that check all the work. After this, the person will make a list of work that is necessary to get the things to handle. Thus the list helps the workers to get to know what things they have to do and from where they need to get start the work. In this way, they can complete their work according to the time and the things that are written on the checklist. Also, the checklist is provided to you. So that you can also check the things according to the list. Many people check the things after they pay so this t help them to get to know that how the company workers work.

What to include in the checklist

The checklist will cover all the area that comes in your working areas when you are doing construction. The checklist helps the worker to understand that how much area they have to cover in their work.

Entrance and Exit

All doors that lead to the building and that take the person out of the building should be very clean. Entrance is the main point that gives a great impression to the person that visits your office for the first time. The first pint of the house company office should be very clean and it must give a great impression to the client. Dust exterior lights and make sure that they sound well. Check all the light and make sure that they are working properly. Wipe down the windows and give them a good look. Clean all the doors and windows that are near the entrance place. Mop and sweep all the entrance place.

Living Area

The living room and common areas should be very clean and clear. Well lighted and also free from every kind of dust and debris. All evidence that you were working in that place should get removed. Make sure that the place gives a mesmerizing look. Floors are swept and if there is any need to use vacuum then you should use it. All the lights are working in this place. Make sure that you use a lot of light in this area. If there is any kind of dust you should clean it. Similarly, doors and doorknobs should be clean and all the switches are working properly. Windows are the main point from where natural light comes inside the room. So that you should clean them well. After this make sure that the window tracks are also clean and dust should be removed from the place. After this all the house will start giving a good look. Similarly clean all the rooms of the house.

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