A Peek into the Evolvement of WebRTC Development Services

Web Real-Time Communication or WebRTC is both an open-source project and an HTML5 specification that facilitates real-time media communications including voice, video, and data transfer between browsers and devices. With WebRTC, the users can easily communicate from their primary web browser without the requirement for complex plug-ins or other hardware.

Brief About WebRTC

When talking about the beginning of the first WebRTC project, it was introduced by Google in May 2011 as a means of developing an ordinary set of protocols for allowing superior quality RTC applications within media platforms, browsers, and IoT devices. However, the only method of providing real-time communication at that time was Flash and plug-ins. Later on, after significant work, the first cross-browser video call was established between Chrome and Firefox. A large number of companies started using WebRTC development services, which increased the demand for WebRTC specifications. By the year 2016, approximately 2 billion browsers were installed that are enabled to work with WebRTC.

In the present scenario, WebRTC has become a widely popular tool for video calling and is accessible natively in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Android, and iOS. From a traffic viewpoint, WebRTC has seen an estimate of more than a billion minutes and 500 terabytes of data transmitted every week from browser communications alone. As WebRTC comes as an open-source project that has been implanted in browsers, companies can utilize or adapt it for their own needs.

Why WebRTC is a Perfect Choice for Real-Time Communications?

There are numerous use-cases for WebRTC, from basic web apps that use the camera or microphone, to more advanced video-calling applications and screen sharing. Below mentioned are some of the key reasons why WebRTC is a great choice for real-time communications:

  • WebRTC Is An Open Source Project: WebRTC is an open-source project and is absolutely free for commercial as well as private use. The technology is constantly evolving and improving and will remain in demand for years to come.
  • Available in All Modern Browsers: Currently, WebRTC is available in all modern browsers, which has enabled and empowered the creation of new use cases and business models. From taking small online lessons to hosting large-scale professional webinars, WebRTC can facilitate all of them and much more.
  • Not Limited to Only Browsers: WebRTC is not limited to only browsers. In fact, it is available for mobile applications too. The source code is portable and has been used in a variety of mobile applications. Moreover, SDKs are available for both mobile and embedded environments, allowing WebRTC to run anywhere.
  • More than Video Calling: WebRTC is not only about voice or video calling. It is much more powerful and versatile. It can be used for various purposes such as to build a group calling service, add a recording, or can be used for data delivery, and more as per the requirements of the users.
  • Secure: WebRTC is a secure medium that helps peer-to-peer (P2P) safe exchange of data and gives encryption to data exchanged and communication made through this medium.
  • No plug-in Requirement: There is no need for any additional plug-in for communication in this framework. Moreover, no native application is required to download for the exchange of data or communication, allowing flawless communication in apps and browsers.

Businesses that want to implement WebRTC and VoIP features in their process, must Hire WebRTC Developer. A professional and highly skilled WebRTC developer can help set in real-time communication features like video and audio conferencing and streaming, real-time text messaging, and screen sharing into their web and mobile applications. In addition to this, a well-trained WebRTC developer has a familiarity with industry-standard best practices when it comes to using the WebRTC APIs and protocols, thus ensures smooth and optimal functioning of the app.


With time, WebRTC is constantly evolving and improving. As the demand for this technology continues to grow, now’s the best time to hop onto the technology and use it to grow and expand your business and enhance customers’ experience.

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