A Simple Guide to Getting Luxury and Exotic Car Rental in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is truly Known as a car-centric country. Since Dubai is the most visited city in the UAE. The sky-high buildings, active nightlife, and exotic beaches of the city attract millions of tourists every year. Other than that many businessmen travel to the city to attend business meetings or seminars. Anyone who comes to Dubai is concerned about traveling around the city without any hassle. No doubt, Dubai has a good transport system but for more comfort and ease you must rent a luxury car in Dubai.

In Dubai, driving a luxury, sport or exotic car is not a big deal. If you can not afford to purchase one you can easily take it on rent in Dubai. Here is a simple guide that helps you in renting an exotic or luxury car in Dubai.

  1. Know the Purpose Of Renting

Before renting a luxury car, you must know the purpose for which you are renting it. Whether you want to attend a business meeting, a wedding, or going on vacation with your family. It will help you in selecting the right car. Because if you are going somewhere alone then it is useless to hire a sedan or SUV and when you are planning to go on vacation with family then instead of renting two-seaters you must hire a luxury van. Thus, knowing the purpose of taking the car on rent will help you in choosing the right model and brand of the vehicle.

  1. Choose A Well Reputed Company

In Dubai, you will find many local and international car rental companies. So, before making a final decision you must shop around take quotes from different companies. If you don’t want to go to the car rental agencies you can visit their websites online and make a comparison of the services and price rates of different companies. Also, you should check the client reviews to find that the company is reliable or not. After doing complete research about the price, services, and types of cars they are offering you can select a rental company that offers the best services at market competitive prices.

  1. Eligibility Criteria For Renting

Before moving further let’s talk about eligibility criteria. Because it is essential to know whether you are legally allowed to drive or rent a luxury car in Dubai or not. Firstly, the age limit for driving a car in Dubai is 18 years old. Secondly, for renting a car in Dubai you must be at least 21 years old. If you meet these legal requirements then you are eligible for renting a car in Dubai. Thus, before going to any car rental company you must consider your age limit otherwise no car rental company will give you a car on rent.

  1. Documents Required

In Dubai, there are strict driving rules so you must have complete legal documents to drive a car on Dubai’s roads. If you are a resident of Dubai you must have a valid driving license. You can have a driving license clearing a driving test from any RTA approved institute in UAE. However, if you are a tourist then for renting a car you must have a valid visa and a valid international driving permit. When you have the complete documents then the process of renting becomes easier.

  1. Know About Insurance Options

Before making a final decision you should ask for the insurance policy that the car rental company is offering. Because insurance policies vary from company to company. It is essential to clarify the extra charges, age limit, coverage, and other related requirements in advance. On the other hand, if you have a personal insurance policy it will cover your rental car. Also, when you are paying through your credit card it provides coverage about any damage to your rental car. In this case, you can skip the pricey insurance options offered by the car rental company.

  1. Condition Of The Car

It is essential to inspect the car thoroughly before getting into it. You must inspect the exterior of the car to check about any scratches or chipping of paints, and if you notice any damage take pictures and inform the car rental agency. Otherwise, the company will deduct the cost of damage from your security deposit. Moreover, you should check all the equipment in the interior of the car. It is suggested to take a test drive to know about the condition of the car and also check the mileage of the vehicle you are renting.

Some other things that you must keep in mind before you rent a luxury car in Dubai, such as security deposit, registration of the rental car, determine the rental period in advance, and traffic fines.

We hope that this simple guide will help you when you want to rent a luxury or exotic car in Dubai. So, next time when you visit Dubai and thinking to rent an exotic or luxury car you must follow these simple steps mentioned in this guideline and can make your car rental experience better.

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