Best Credit Cards Offers By The Mashreq Bank

A credit card is a payment card given to cardholders to allow the cardholder to pay a dealer on the basis of a cardholder’s promise to pay the cardholder the sums and the other charges decided upon.

The issuer of a card (usually a bank) creates a rotating account and gives the cardholder a lending line where he can make money from the cardholder for payment to the dealer or in cash.

In short, credit is an arrangement in which you are now buying goods and services, however, payment is appropriate.

This segment attempts to introduce you to the various forms of loans available and to help you appreciate some of the jargon you can use.

Credit is available in various types and dimensions including mortgages, credit cards, overdrafts, and overdrafts. In most cases, you must pay a negotiated balance of interest per month.

It is necessary to stay abreast of your monthly repayments regardless of the credit you want. Now that you know what credit is, let’s look at the numerous choices.

Types of Credit Card

Picking the correct credit card can be challenging with a wide variety of options. How much can you pay, and why do you like your credit – for example, is it to distribute your spending expenses, build your credit history, or cover an unnecessary expense??

Here we will help you understand the key credit card forms and show you where you can find more information.

Recall that credit cards also contain high APRs, which can be lent theoretically on a cost basis because you cannot pay the full balance every month.

Cards can be helpful to spread payments and provide you with added insurance in your transactions, but they can not be used for long-term debt management.

Reward cards

You are paid with such a card – airline miles, cashback, or shop discounts, for example. It also requires an annual charge and high-interest rates, so it is necessary to promise that the advantages are over the costs. To get clearance, you might need a decent credit score.

Purchase cards

Will you have to pay for a huge purchase? Typically these cards are interest-free and can be purchased at a reduced discount.

To retain a 0 percent discount, you have to follow all conditions and minimum contributions and it is better to pay off the balance before the interest-free period expires.

In order to get this card form, you would usually need a decent credit score.

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Mashreq Bank Credit Cards

Mashreq bank offers a wide range of credit cards.

Noon VIP Credit Card

Cashback Credit Card

  • Free for life
  • AED 500 cashback
  • 20% cashback at Zomato and more…
  • 5% on dining spends
  • 2% on international spends
  • 1% cashback on spends in UAE
  • Airport Pick Up Offer
  • The minimum salary for credit card in UAE: AED 10,000

Solitaire Credit Card

  • First Year free, AED 1,500 waived
  • AED 2,000 cashback
  • 20% cashback at Zomato and more…
  • Up to 6 Salaam Points per AED spent
  • Unlimited Fitness First Access
  • Airport Pick Up Offer
  • The minimum salary for credit card in UAE: AED 25,000

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