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Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai, the name conjures up images of an ultra-luxurious, extravagant, glitzy desert state. A visit to Dubai should be carefully planned to extract maximum experience and enjoyment. It has to begin with an application for the visa. Apply for a Dubai visa online. Once the required documents, photographs, and the visa fees are submitted, the visa is issued within the next few days. The hotel accommodations are next, followed by selecting the places to visit in Dubai. It is better to purchase all entry tickets in advance to avoid the long queue outside the ticket counter. The following are the best places to visit in Dubai to extract maximum pleasure from your trip.

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa Dubai
A visit to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, is an unmissable experience. The ride in the high-speed elevator is a treat in itself. Experience the multimedia presentation on Burj Khalifa and Dubai. On the 124th floor, the observation deck provides a 3600 view of the city’s skyline, the ocean, and the desert. At night, the sparkling city’s panoramic view is even more popular. Once back on the ground, explore the gardens around Burj Khalifa and spend time to view the Dubai fountain.

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world area wise, is the destination for shopping, entertainment, and leisure. It is the best place to spend a day with children and young adults. The Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo, with its 33,000aquatic animals and the largest collection of sand sharks, is one of the main attractions at the mall. The live performances at the mall keep everyone entertained. All the exclusive signature brands of fashion are available here. The different varieties of food available at the various food malls satisfy all palates. The ice- skating rink here has lessons for the beginners. There is an amusement park too for the children.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden
The Miracle Garden Dubai is the world’s largest garden with 150 million flowers. From mid-November to mid-May, the floral displays and patterns are amazing. The main attractions are the Big Teddy Bear, the Hearts passage, the Butterfly passage, the Lost Paradise, among others. There is a Disney Avenue with all the favorite Disney characters. Every year the garden reinvents itself and there is always a new concept or design. It is no wonder that the Miracle Garden has won so many awards. The Butterfly garden with 15000 butterflies flying free is another highlight. The museum here gives information about the species, lifecycle, etc. of the butterflies.

Dubai Marina Cruise
Dhow Cruise Dubai
The Dubai Marina is a man-made canal city. Sailing in a traditional dhow, a wooden boat, along the Marina is the most relaxing way to spend an evening. Sail on the calm waters past the skyscrapers, luxury residences, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina Yacht Club and enjoy the opulent night skyline of Dubai. The ride gives the option of the open-air upper deck or the air-conditioned lower deck, both of which are equally enjoyable. The dhow has modern amenities, and the dinner is sumptuous. With live performances and good food, the evening turns magical.

The Desert
Desert Safari Dubai
It is difficult to believe that Dubai with its luxurious cityscape is a desert state. A desert safari is a must to appreciate the development of Dubai from a small village to one of the richest cities. Desert safaris can be a morning, evening, or an overnight one. The desert is but a short ride from the city. The red sands, the stark landscape, the total silence of the desert, the glorious sunrise or sunset are unforgettable. Sand boarding, dune bashing, camel rides, sand skiing, etc. are some of the many activities available. A barbecue meal in Bedouin style tents, belly dancing, henna tattoos, etc. are some other attractions on the safari.

Dubai Museum
Dubai museum
The Dubai Museum, located in Bur Dubai, is housed in the Al- Fahidi fort and there are several traditional boats in the courtyard, and a fascinating collection of old maps of the Emirates and Dubai. The fort itself has a long history as the residence of the ruling family, a seat of the government and a prison. The halls showcase weaponry and musical instruments. The underground display halls have dioramas and exhibits of the everyday traditional Emirati lifestyle. The transformation of Dubai from a small village to one of the richest cities of the world is depicted in an interesting manner. The art gallery here has many unique exhibits.

IMG Worlds of Adventure
IMG Worlds of Adventure
This is an indoor theme park that children and young adults enjoy. The park is divided into different theme zones like the Marvel characters, the dinosaur-themed rides and the cartoon network, etc. There are plenty of interactive activities and different rides of various levels of excitement to satisfy any adrenaline addict. The dinosaur zone brings to life the prehistoric creatures and the beloved characters of the cartoon network come alive in the cartoon network zone. With numerous dining and retail options, the whole family can have a great day here.

The Souks of Deira
Dubai Souks
Situated in Deira, the gold souk is the most popular. With covered walkways lined with numerous jewelry shops, the finest gold, silver, and precious stones are available here. Whether it is jewelry for daily use or exclusive designs for special occasions, all are available. The spice souk is near the gold souk where the finest spices are sold at comparatively lower prices. The perfume souk too is nearby, and perfumes, scented oils and incense are available. The textile souk is a short boat ride away and shawls, hand-woven fabrics, souvenirs, slippers etc. are sold here. The souks are worth a visit even if it is only for window shopping.

It is necessary to wear comfortable and conservative clothes, drink plenty of liquids, and use sunscreen liberally while travelling or sightseeing. Before setting off to Dubai, keep abreast of all the government regulations. Also, check the travel advisory and maintain the COVID-19 safety protocols for a memorable visit to Dubai.

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