Youth is the age of idealism. It is also the age of confusion when boys become men and girls become women. It is about this time that most of us go through a period of introspection to taking the right point of decision that what could be aiding to what is right and what to be considered Wrong. Our careers should he and even make plans For love and marriage. On the negative side, this is also the time when young people would choose to get into drugs and crime. It is at this confusing stage of life that discipline would be most useful. 

The best and accurate timings to be involved with some disciplined and organized activity at this crucial stage of our lives. Since it is also the time of our lives when we are full of energy, it would be useful to find some positive avenues for all that energy. Military service, community service or, better still, a combination of both would serve a few purposes. Life in an organized body like the army or a team of community workers emphasizes a great deal on teamwork. 


In the military, much tough training would not be possible without an immediate sense of cooperation. Life would be several times harder for soldiers if they do nor learn to work together to achieve common goals. This learning to work together would be a great boon in our working lives later on. People who have undergone military training have been heard to say, “If you can work in the army, you can work anywhere.” Community service, though it may not be so severe physically, is impossible without teamwork. So here too young people will learn to cooperate. Besides cooperation and discipline, military and 

Community service will also teach self-reliance and independence. This independence will undoubtedly go a long way in helping us grow into adulthood. A stint in the army or a community organization will give us some time to think as we plan our next move in life. 


Furthermore, by the time the stint is over, we would have made many friends. Often tricky times bring people together to forge firm, lifelong friendships. A period of military or community service is valuable to all our young people. It is a pity that in Singapore, national service is only for males. 


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