How to Block or Delete Credit Card?

Blocking or deleting the credit card is the process that is acquired by the individual account holder whenever the card gets damaged or it has been stolen or if lost the card somewhere. Then we urgently need to block our credit card to prevent it from fraudsters.

So as we know nowadays there is an increase in the number of frauds related to credit cards. And credit cardholders will have to go through loss. Though the credit card holder should be aware of various or all basic methods to block their credit card.

Whenever the card gets lost or stolen or if the credit card holder finds any suspicious transaction from the card. As soon as the card gets blocked it prevents the cardholder from fraud transaction. Blocking a credit card immediately helps to prevent further transactions from the card and it prevents misuse of it.

All banks provide or offer common methods to block the credit card. When you want to block or cancel or close your credit card or bank account you can use websites like Account Closers. This type of website will be having all the vital information you need to close your credit card or bank account.

Some common methods are:

  • Call Customer Care.
  • Use Internet Banking.
  • Go To Branch in person.
  • Use Mobile Application.
  • Send SMS.

Here, whenever it is required to block the credit card we can use any of the following methods as mentioned above. Within very few steps we are able to block credit cards. And will ensure that we are now safe from any further fraud transaction from the credit card.

Blocking or Deleting Credit Card

Call Customer Care

Calling customer care is quite hectic. Every bank has its own customer care number which is used to solve the issues of account holders on the phone. And we can say this because it is a predefined automatic procedure to connect the credit card holder to the system of the bank. So the cardholder can block the card.

Firstly in calling the customer it checks and validates our details and then asks what the cardholder wants to do. And after sharing all the card and bank details customer care. Make a point as a request to block the card of the individual cardholder. And then pass on the request to the authorized person to block the card manually.

Once the all process is done the card gets blocked. And the cardholder gets the confirmation SMS that your credit card number 123456 has been blocked as per your request.

Use Internet Banking

Nowadays, internet banking is very common, every second person is using the internet and avails the facility of internet banking.

As we know that every bank provides the internet banking facility so that we need not go to the bank and all our required work will be done by ourselves only.

Blocking the credit card from internet banking is an easy task which can be done from our ends only.

We just need the internet connection and then we need to log in to the official bank site. There are many banks and they all provide credit cards and every bank has its own official website.

So we need to register on it to avail the facility of internet banking. And as soon as we generate the credentials to log in to the official site, we are able to see our account details.

Down in the sections, there is a card section also present, and in that section the card block option is present. We need to click on it and the process begins for card blocking.

First, it clarifies why you want to block or delete your card and then sends the request SMS to confirm that you really want to block the card after the confirmation part is done the card gets blocked.

Today is a fast-growing world every individual cardholder thinks that their work will be done at their doorsteps only means they do not want to go anywhere for some small issues.

Go to Branch in Person

But if the cardholder has time and does not know how to use internet banking. And how to use the different methods to block the credit card. And not a particular credit card any work related to the bank can be done by visiting the branch itself only.

In case we want to block or delete the credit card. We directly go to the branch and ask for help from any employee regarding the block credit card.

When we visit in person at the bank branch it requires our basic account details to validate the account. And card the cardholder uses an in-person we need to fill-up the form. This is given by the bank authority as the request to block the card.

As soon as we give the consent to block the card in person the authority in the bank will update the request in the system, the account holder gets the SMS confirmation the credit card gets blocked and not be able to do any further transactions.

Use Mobile Banking App

Blocking the credit card with the help of mobile applications is also quite an easy task. And can be done by ourselves very easily.

Nowadays every bank has its own mobile application for the better availability of the details and the transaction.

In the mobile application, all the functions are present. And we just need to use them according to what changes we need in our account.

Here like we want to block the credit card we just need to log in to the mobile application with the credentials. So that the cardholder can log in to the mobile application with their account and further move towards the card section and later scroll the card block option will be given.

We just need to click the option and do as the further steps ask us to do. And in the end, we are able to block the card with the help of a mobile application.

Send SMS

Send SMS is also took a nice role in the banking sector. As we know that there are numbers of a user in an individual. And every second user uses a credit card. Though it is quite hard to send the immediate request at the fingertips. So the send SMS option acquires by the bank when the cardholder wants to block the card.

Every bank has a specific number to connect with the SMS request. It just needs to send the request SMS to the specific number for blocking the card. And the same SMS comes from the bank as auto-generated SMS. Asking for the details of the account and card and then the flow goes on asking the confirmation yes/no. And at last, the cardholder chooses whatever option the system updates the details in the account of the cardholder.

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