Checklist for Renting a Car in Sharjah

Sharjah is one of the busiest cities in the United Arab Emirates. Since it’s just next door to Dubai, a lot of people work in Dubai and live in Sharjah. The city itself is a major business and tourism hub in the United Arab Emirates. But the city has its own challenges. For example, except for the buses, there is not much to speak about when it comes to the public transport in Sharjah. So, the best bet for you would be to rent a car in Sharjah. There are a number of car rental companies in the city. But before you go for one there are a few things that you should check. Let us take a quick look at the checklist that you must go through before you rent a car in Sharjah.

Before Booking the Car

Before you proceed with car rental in Sharjah with a particular company, there are a few things that you should check. Here are the most important ones.

  • Having the Necessary Documents

You would need certain documents to legally hire a car in Sharjah, or anywhere else in the UAE. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have them with you. Here are the things that you would need 

For UAE Residents:

  • Emirates ID
  • UAE Driving License

For Visitors

  • Copy of your valid Passport
  • Visit Visa (with Entry Stamp)
  • Driving License
  • International Driving Permit (IDP)

  • Check the Policy on Deposits

Different car rental companies in UAE have different policies when it comes to their deposits. Car rental companies charge you a deposit and then when you return the car, they refund it. Now, some companies might deduct tolls or Salik, charges of any repairs and even insurance on the car. So, you need to make sure that you have read and understood the policy on the deposits and the charges before you take the call. 


While Taking the Delivery

When you are taking the delivery of the car, there are a few things that you need to check as well. This would help you to avoid any issues at a later stage.

  • Take Pictures

It is your responsibility to return the car in the same condition that you have rented it out. So, you would need to have some proof of the condition of the car. One of the smartest ways to do that would be take pictures or shoot a video of the car. Make sure that you check for any dents, scratch or any other such damage and if there are bring that to the notice of the executive who are delivering the car.

  • COVID Precautions

When you are travelling during pandemic, you must ensure your own safety. So, it is in your own interest to follow the COVID regulations. The government of UAE, as well as Sharjah, has issued strict guidelines. For example, try to make sure that when you are taking the delivery of the car, the delivery is made by ensuring zero contact. At the same point of time, you should need to check that they have sanitized the car and kept a bottle of sanitizer inside your car.

While Returning the Car

There are a few things to do when you are returning the car. This would ensure that you get a complete hassle-free experience when you are going for car rental in Sharjah.

  • Calculate the Charges

It goes without saying that you need to calculate the charges yourself before you return the car. In some cases, you might see that they are charging you more. If that is the case, make sure that you clearly understand why you are being charged so. You can simply refuse to pay if they are charging you more.

  • Sign after Reading

In most cases, you would have to sign papers before the returning the car. Don’t take it as a ‘mere formality’. You need to read everything carefully before you sign on the dotted line.

These are some of the things that you should do when you are looking to rent a car in Sharjah. Get in touch with a reliable company and get the right solutions for car rental that would give you the chance to explore the city on your own terms

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