Choosing Glasses to Suit Your Face Shape

Choosing a glasses frame to suit your face shape
Choosing a glasses frame to suit your face shape

Choosing prescription glasses that suit your face shape can enhance your appearance. Knowing which frames suit your unique style can help to narrow down your choice.

Your glasses should complement your features perfectly. Whether that means matching the frame colour to the colour of your eyes or making sure that the frame shape complements your face shape, you should have a clear idea of which glasses shape is right for you, whether that be round, rectangular or even aviator glasses. It’s also important to remember that size of the frame should be scaled to your face size.

What Face Shape am I?

There are five basic ‘face shapes’; oval, round, heart, oblong and square.

Deciding which face shape you are is almost as important as selecting a frame that perfectly complements your face shape. This should be seen as a very important factor when buying your new glasses frame.

So what are the five basic face shapes? Here’s a quick and easy guide that might help you decide.


The oval face is seen by many as the ideal face shape. Boasting balanced dimensions and appearing longer than it is wide with a slightly wider forehead than the jaw, the oval face shape has a wide range of benefits. Those with oval faces are lucky as pretty much all frame shapes will suit them, including round glasses frames and oval glasses frames.


A rounded, circular face shape is most suited to an angular, narrow frame style.


Similar to round and oval-shaped faces, go for oval glasses or rounded square options. Thin metal options can draw attention to the eyes.


Longer than it is wide with prominent cheeks, highbrow and in proportion. Square and round semi-rimless frames will suit this shape of face.

Matching Your Hair & Eye Colour

Keep this simple, select colours that compliment your hair and eye colours by selecting matching colours. If you’ve got dark hair, choose dark frames, if you’ve got light coloured eyes, select light coloured frames.

Choose a Frame to Suit Your Lifestyle

There are lots of factors that come into play when choosing your new glasses. One of these factors is practicality. Your glasses frame should be perfectly suited to meet your day-to-day needs.

Also bear in mind that your everyday sense of style should play a big part in your selection too. When selecting your new glasses, you want to be able to match your outfits, wardrobe and routine to them. Bright colours and polka dot glasses may be fun to look at, but this garish design might not be suitable for everyday use. Having a pair for work/everyday life and another for socialising may be an idea.

Buying a Frame to Suit You

Selecting a frame to suit your face shape couldn’t be easier. Simply select your frame from our wide range of stock and add various options using our lens builder.

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