Complete Overview To Know All The Requirements of Visitor Visa 600

The Australia Visitor Visa is perfect on the off chance that you are seeking travel to Australia for a vacation or to see loved ones. The tourist visa 600 doesn’t permit you to work in Australia or to attempt to concentrate for over a quarter of a year.


So as to apply for this visa you will be required to give various records. These may include:

1. Duplicate of current identification (legitimate for the length of the visa)

2. A computerized photo

3. Proof of accessible assets (current bank explanation appearing in an overabundance of €4,100/£2,800/AU$6,900 in your financial balance in addition to all exchanges throughout the previous 3 months)

4. Confirmations of commitment to come back to your nation of origin:

5. A letter from your manager affirming your present position, length of work, pay level (after assessment) and endorsed leave

6. A letter affirming enrolment at school, school or college

7. Your own clarifications on:

8. Your motivation to visit Australia, including your goals after takeoff from Australia (for example continuation of movement or come back to work in your nation of origin)

9. A depiction of the exercises you intend to attempt over the time of your arranged remain in Australia

10. Your expectation to hold up any visa applications during your visit in Australia

11. A full Travel Itinerary covering your movement courses of action and plans inside Australia

12. A duplicate of a bought return air ticket

13. A letter of greeting (in the event that you will visit close family in Australia

We suggest you contact Migration Consultant Perth for the best assistance regarding visa in Australia. You have to apply online for this visa. You can apply for both onshore and offshore visas.

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