How to delete thousands of Yahoo email messages in few clicks

Clean Yahoo Mail Inbox

Every email user with average online exposure gets more than 20 to 25 mails on a day-to-day basis. A majority of them are promotional or other advertisement emails sent to users based on their browsing history and pattern. Therefore, it is necessary for users to make sure that they maintain and clean their inboxes so that they do not lose out on important emails and communications in the clutter caused in the mailbox. Therefore, it is always recommended that users define rules and protocols that would enable all incoming mails to be directly routed to the concerned folders so that the inbox is kept cleaned and easily manageable.

In order to clean up the Yahoo mailbox, users need to follow the below steps depending on the fact on whether they are using their email application on a web application or a mobile application: –

Clean up the Yahoo mailbox for web applications: –

Step 1 – Users need to first login into the Yahoo portal by entering their Yahoo account’s user name and password.

Step 2 – Once the user logs in to the Yahoo account, the user needs to select the appropriate folder from which the mails need to be deleted.

Step 3 – Now, if the user needs to delete all the emails from the folder (be it inbox), the user needs to select the check box in the top bar, which enables a selection of all mails in that folder. Other than that, if users want to delete individual selected mails, they can check the corresponding check box specific to the mail.

Step 4 – Once the required emails are checked, the user needs to click on the ‘Delete’ button in the top bar to remove all the selected emails from the inbox to the trash folder.

Step 5 – The user finally needs to clear off the trash folder to ensure that all deleted mails are permanently removed from the Yahoo account.

Clean up the Yahoo mailbox for mobile apps:-

The main difference between mobile apps and web applications is that users do not have to enter the user name and password for logging into the account for mobile apps. Other than the steps for deleting mails from inbox remains the same as that of web applications.

All the steps with detailed illustrations are well defined in the customer help portals uploaded on the web. Users can refer to them to gain insights on how to clear mails from the inbox.

Call them at the Yahoo customer service support number, which is easy to use and manage your queries in a well-organized manner.

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