Doctor Appointment Do’s and Don’ts

doctor appointment
Woman holding hanky during consultation with doctor

Ever wondered, why you could not get the best of your doctor appointment. Sit back; here are some tips and tricks to get the best of your money invested.

doctor appointment

Woman holding hanky during consultation with doctor


  • Organization is the Key

One should always use a calendar, cell phone or any other device to set a reminder for the doctor’s appointment. To avoid any delay, get directions of the doctor’s clinic or hospital ahead of time using a GPS.

  • Keep Fresh Records

The patient should keep an organised folder for all the prior treatments and prescriptions for his or her history of medical health. The arrangement should from the latest to the oldest, prescription stapled together. Before visiting, doctors write a summary on a piece of paper to never miss an important symptom for diagnosis.

  • Enlist help

Request a responsible caregiver or nurse accompany you to your appointment. They can accompany the patients under the vulnerable age of above 60 and below 6 to carefully escort them through a doctor’s appointment. They often provide safe transportation to the patients, keeping their relative’s worries at bay.

  • Speak before you reach

Always take the contact number of a person who will address your concern and questions before an appointment. This will help you check in with the facilities regarding the test results or reports.

  • Know your policies

Take note of payment and Insurance Policies before a doctor appointment. It is important to know that not all healthcare facilities accept all kinds of insurances; for example, some require payment at the time of service or a co-payment.

  • Pre-Enquire Additional Information

When making an appointment through the receptionist always keep in mind to ask if any additional identity proof or documents will be necessary. If there is a long list of formalities to meet, the patient can arrive beforehand.

  • Covid-19 Protection

Take the prescribed precautions needed to avoid this deadly virus by strictly maintaining social distancing and use of face masks or a piece of cloth. Try and opt for an online doctor appointment in case of mild symptoms.


  • Keep Silence

One should always respect the environment and privacy of the patients in the hospital. Always follow the rules and policies of the facilities for the convenience of the hospital or clinic staff.

  • Approach the right people

Always consult the help desk for any help required rather than disturbing the other staff.

  • Respect the rules

Do not sit on the patient’s bed while visiting them and respect the time restriction.

  • Avoid bringing food

Never bring food and drinks without consulting with the nurses or physician in charge.

  • Keep clean

Everyone should be conscious of the disposal of garbage because the hospitals have to manage a lot of waste on a day to day basis.

  • Be polite

Always refrain from arguing with the nurses and hospital staff in the corridors.

  • Do not self diagnose

Self-diagnosis will prevent the doctor from having a clear view of your ailment therefore always present the details of your symptoms rather than pre-assuming your conditions.


These are some common dos and don’ts to keep in before you book a doctor appointment.

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