Does A VPN Protect You From Hackers?

VPN to Protects from Hackers

A virtual private network software masks IP on your online work. The main work of VPN is to keep privacy on the activities done through the internet. But, Does A VPN Protect You From Hackers while browsing or streaming anything? This depends on the features of the VPN service provider company. 

How VPN protects from Hackers?

VPN starts work while connected internet with the device. The VPN secure from hackers if you are doing any activities with your gadget.

  • It hides your real (Internet Protocol) IP address from the prying eyes. 
  • The encryption features encrypt your information while sending it through the internet.

These two functions of VPN helps to secure information from hackers.  

How to Secure from Hackers on public Wi-fi?

Using of public Wi-fi is not fully secure. So, be aware while when you are in contact with the public Wi-fi. Public wi-fi saves your data but it is risky too. 

  1. Make setting on your device to turn off the automatic Public wi-fi connection. 
  2. Do not log in to any of your accounts
  3. Do not leave your device alone while having Wi-fi. 
  4. Try to avoid not doing banking-related activities
  5. Change password after disconnect of the public Wi-fi
  6. Ask the public wi-fi whether it is secured or not.

Which VPN can secure from hackers?

There are many top quality companies of VPN which are running for many years. It shows that they are securing and gives privacy to online activities. VPN does not only secure from hackers but also provides access to geo-restricted sites. 

Hola VPN, KeepSolid VPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish VPN, and many other companies are available in the market. All provide privacy whether you are connected with the personal internet or the Public wi-fi. But if you want privacy on your budget then, click on the best deal of Hola VPN. This company offers Hola VPN Discount Code to all its users. This coupon deal helps you to save lots of bucks while purchasing the subscription. Now, KeepSolid VPN company also provides KeepSolid VPN Discount Code to all users to save huge bucks.

How to find a secure VPN?

Secure VPN is useful to keeps privacy on your activities done through the internet. A virtual private network software app is helpful if it has some features to protects details from prying eyes. 

No logs

VPN should not contain the Logs. If a VPN does not have logs it means there is no storage of browsing history. So, choose the VPN company which does not have a logs policy.


The history of the VPN shows that it is still popular because of its privacy features. Do not buy the premium of a new VPN company as compared to the old VPN. 


The price of the VPN should be pocket-friendly. Do not buy a VPN that has high prices. It is because many VPN service provider companies charge a huge amount for the same features. So, analyze the features and the prices before the purchase of any VPN software. 


VPN companies should have secure Protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, etc to protects your details of the device. Protocols help to give privacy to your work when you are doing any online activity.

Connect multiple devices

Choose the VPN software which can secure your multiple devices at the same time. It saves your huge bucks and helps you to secure all the device at minimum price. 

Can you be hacked while using a VPN?

Yes, your device gets easily hacked even you are using the VPN app. It is because of the features which are not provided by the VPN companies. The company which has logs can store your browsing. After this, they sell the details of your online activities to a third party.  And if you are do not have anti-malware software when you are using VPN then it can allow the virus into your device. Malware easily helps hackers to access your device and steal passwords or information.

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