Facebook is a free social media platform available for all countries across the globe. With minimum eligibilities to join the vast community, people have been drawn to it ever since it came into existence in 2004. What initially started as a fun tool to make friends soon gained heavy popularity and user base. Today, Facebook has the highest user base. Facebook is relatively easy to use, has multiple features to keep its users engaged, and diverse content to showcase.

Moreover, Facebook takes the security of its users seriously. Along with the various features that Facebook has introduced over the years, Facebook is evolving every day – introducing recent changes and upgrades to make the experience even better. In this blog, we will discuss how screenshots work, does Facebook notify screenshots 2021? And questions along the lines.

Screenshots and screen records are now quite common to use if you wish to save something you might want to look at later. But at what costs do they come? In other social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, taking a screenshot may notify the users. Snapchat is a platform where the messages expire, it is proactive to notify its users when a screenshot is taken of their story or messages. Likewise, Instagram also allows notifications to its users when a user takes a screenshot of the story or a personal image message under some circumstances.

Unlike Snapchat, Facebook is available on the browser, making it technologically tricky for Facebook to record screenshots were taken and notification delivery. This is because a screenshot taken from a smartphone is relatively easily identified, but a computer screenshot is not. So does Facebook notify screenshots 2021? No, Facebook does not notify screenshots 2021.

Will Facebook tell if I download a picture?

Just how on Instagram taking a screenshot of the posts visible on your Home Feed does not notify the users, downloading a picture on Facebook does not inform the users. There can and is a big misconception when it comes to the topic of downloading photos and notifications. But now you are rest assured that it does not happen that way. The users are not informed when another user downloads a picture. The only thing to pay attention to is that the account should be public to download. If the account is private, the option of download may not arise in the first place. To conclude, will Facebook tell if I download a picture? No, it will not.

Does Facebook tell when you screenshot a photo? 

As I mentioned, because Facebook is available on the web browser and is accessible by desktop, it is nearly impossible for Facebook to notify its users about a screenshot of their photo. To conclude, does Facebook tell when you screenshot a photo? No, Facebook does not tell when you screenshot a photo.

Does Facebook notify when you screen record a story? 

In this case, Facebook has defeated Instagram and Snapchat by introducing a new feature of screen record on the app itself. Facebook has merged the iOS screen record feature into its app itself, enabling screen recording and screen broadcasting. To conclude, does Facebook notify when you screen record a story? No, Facebook does not notify screen recordings.

Facebook Story Screenshot

What happens if you screenshot Facebook story? If you screenshot the Facebook story, the screenshot will save in the gallery of your device. No notification will deliver to the user whose story you have a screenshot of. Facebook currently lacks these advancements. So meanwhile, it is no doubt that taking a screenshot will not let the other user know.

Facebook Screenshot Precautions

Indeed, Facebook is yet to develop a Facebook screenshot notification feature; it is indeed somewhat unsafe for the users as they may never be aware of who is taking a screenshot or screen recording what image. To avoid such circumstance, Facebook users can take the following precautions:

  • Restriction of Images and Videos visibility to Public

You can change the settings under each photo or video you post to “Friends” to avoid your image being visible to the Public (mostly people you don’t know)

  • Embed in a link

You can use various platforms to embed your photos (images) into the link and put a password on it

  • No images or videos

The most secure method is to avoid posting any photos or videos as such; this will indeed act as a measure to keep your privacy intact

  • Specific Friends Trust

You can share these pictures with your selected specific trusted friends to avoid any security breach.


To sum up the blog, the basic answers to the queries are as such; does Facebook notify if you download a picture? No, Facebook does not inform that; does Facebook tell when you screenshot a photo? No, Facebook does not tell when you screenshot a photo; does Facebook notify when you screen record a story? No, Facebook does not notify when you screen record a story; what happens if you screenshot Facebook story? The image will save in your device gallery. However, Facebook is expected to build a technological hack to fulfill this advancement for better safety and security of its user base.

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