How to let dogs and cats live in harmony in an environment

How to let dogs and cats live in harmony in an environment

Dogs and cats just put in the same environment will not get along right away. However, there are ways to help these two opposing animals change and accept each other. As long as you take the time to learn about your pet’s needs, you can create an environment where dogs and cats live harmoniously and happily.

The dog should be accompanied with gentle guidance. One should watch over the dog’s body language and the other should check with the cat. If the cat is not behaving aggressively (arching its back, hissing) towards the dog, it may be allowed to move around more freely. A cat rarely threatens a dog, but some will be aggressive when it comes to dogs. If the dog is not aggressive with the cat, you can tell the dog to sit, lie down or stay still, while the cat moves freely around, sniffing the dog if it wants. The dog should be praised and given a gift if it ignores the cat.

Prepare for the introduction

To get started with introducing two types of pets, you need to make sure your home has enough space for cats and dogs to play. For the first time you will even have to lock them up for a few days. So it’s better if your home has lots of room.It is difficult for a shepherd dog to live with a cat. The following article will share detailed knowledge: Are german shepherds good with cats?

Slow but sure

First need to keep them separate room for 3-4 days then proceed to meet in person. The reason to do this is because animals need time to get used to each other’s smell and adjust to a new home first before meeting the other is favorable. Start mixing pet scents by petting the cat, then petting the dog, and vice versa

Changing rooms to lock dogs and cats together

The purpose of this is to get them used to each other’s smell so that when they meet them they won’t overreact. In addition to changing rooms you can also try wiping the dog and placing the towel under the cat’s food bowl. This will help pets get used to each other’s smells faster.

Wait until the two of you seem relaxed before you meet

When the cat begins to adapt to the scent and sound of the dog, it’s time for them to see each other. Just in case If the cat is frightened, runs away, or hides whenever the dog approaches the door of the room, give your cat more time.

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After the first meeting, continue to separate them.

Show equal affection when introducing your dog to your cat. The first meeting should not take too long because they will be uncomfortable and tired.

After a few days continue to let them interact again with a longer time. As they begin to relax and get used to, let the cat move freely and the dog leash. After a few weeks, the dog will understand that you cannot follow the cat, and then you can unleash it.

Animals are like humans, they know jealousy. To give them a good get-together, show them that you love both equally and are unbiased.

Introducing a puppy to an adult cat can be easy at times, because a well-socialized adult cat quickly defends itself and can “talk” to a puppy that respects her own space. However, if the puppy stubbornly chases the shy cat, the cat may need your help to control the dog. Until the puppies are old enough to be self-controlled and trained, the “baby” door can be used to keep the animals separate safely and comfortably.

Animals with good experience often adapt well and quickly. But, if the acquaintance doesn’t work, get professional help from a behavior researcher. Don’t use punishment: it won’t work and could make the problem worse.

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