Everything You Need To Know About Renting Apartments in Dubai

Everything You Need To Know About Renting Apartments In Dubai

Dubai is a desert oasis, but it is termed the land of opportunities for quite a few reasons. As a business hub, the place has always been a top priority for entrepreneurs. The luxurious lifestyle of Dubai is well-known; however, it does not come easy. You’re mistaken in your mind if you think Dubai is a cheap option to rent a house or an apartment. The place will cost you a heavy sum, should you opt for renting here. However, before you rent a flat, you need to know everything about the property and renting business. Read this article to know more!

Things To Know Before Renting Apartments in Dubai:

Before you choose an area, it is better to conduct thorough research. There could be many factors you need to take into account before moving there. Are you bringing kids with you? If yes, you need to consider schools and playing parks. However, before this research, here is something you need to know. Walk with us!

1. Tenants laws and rights:

Before you rent a flat, you should know the tenancy laws and rights that are legally protected. Should your tenancy agreement is properly registered, your rights are legally protected. Ensure your contract is registered with the local authorities to take full advantage of these rights. Ejari (my rent) is a local authority where you should legally register your agreement to protect your tenancy rights.

Landlords in Dubai can’t raise the rental charges without 90 days’ prior notice. The increase in the rental charges should be according to the rental index issued by Rera every quarter. You should not pay a higher rent than the market standards for a similar property. If you think your landlord is treating you unfairly, you can contact the Rent Dispute Settlement Centre.

2. Property rental rules:

You might find yourself in trouble if you are not used to paying upfront annual rent. It is common in the Dubai market that landlords can ask you for upfront annual rent. The amount can either be paid in a single go, or you can write post-dated cheques. Does it sound problematic to you? Find a property agent who will get you connected with landlords working on a monthly payment system.

Living in Dubai can bring on a luxurious lifestyle, but the tenancy rules are not that flexible. Adhering to these rules takes nerves. If you are interested in shifting to the most luxurious spots in Dubai, you should check out Apartments for rent in Jumeirah Village Circle.

3. Contracts and deposits:

You might have entered several contracts and agreements, but the ones in Dubai are a bit different. Before renting a flat, you would sign a contract with your landlord, mentioning all the details. The contract would be likely to be binding for at least one year. Leaving the contract before the expiry date can cause you a huge penalty.

Once the deal is signed and done, the broker will give you a tenancy form. That form must be registered with Ejari to claim your legal tenancy rights. The Ejari record and the form will include the record of the deposit you have made to the landlord. It would be better to write a cheque instead of handing over the cash.

4. Utility and bills:

The responsibility of paying utility bills will fall upon your shoulders once you enter the agreement. Before making the deal, make sure you are clear on the terms. Since the bills and utility payments vary from place to place, you should know it for the current locality. Some apartments come with everything included, while some have a few things excluded.

If you are going to pay all the utility bills, it is best to ask the landlord about the average cost. Going with a rough idea is good practice. You might also have to pay service charges for building maintenance in some areas. All these points should be crystal clear before you sign the contract papers.

5. Rent negotiation:

It is absolutely fine to negotiate the rent with your landlord before you rent a flat or apartment. As discussed in the previous section, you can also ask him/her about the average utility and maintenance costs per month. Doing so will give you a fair idea of the property cost. The price for the property could be lower if you choose to pay upfront annual rent.

Rental charges could vary across the entire UAE. Since most of the tenants look for luxurious choices, rental charges matter the least to them. You should have a look at apartments for rent in Jumeirah Village Circle if you are seeking a luxurious spot for living.

Adhere to the Tenancy Rules with Property Professionals!

Renting a house in Dubai sounds easy, but it is not! When it comes to adhering to the rules and regulations, the process becomes hectic. You can’t do well without the services of a professional property dealer. Get in touch with one today!

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