How To Fix Google Play Service Has Stopped Working Issue?

fix Google Play Service

In today’s time, everyone knows about the Google Play Store. It is an android app that is used to install or uninstall any apps on your android device. However, sometimes several users experienced a Google Play Store problem in some circumstances. Whether it’s a technical error message when downloading apps (Google Play Store keeps freezing, clashes) or just won’t start. Here’s what you can perform to fix the google play service.

Troubleshooting tips to fix Google Play service for apps:-

To begin, we want to fix a couple of simple things outside of Google Play that might be affecting its performance which is as follow below:-

  • Verify your Internet connection
  • Correct your date and time settings
  • Install the latest version of Google Play
  • Disable your VPN

If the above things do not work then troubleshoot the below following things to fix this issue. 

Remove play store cache:-

The cache is an area that temporarily contains data so it can be quickly retrieved without requiring to be reloaded. This could resolve your problem and emptying it is easy.

  • Under your android device, open the Settings menu to start it.
  • Next, go into your Apps or Application manager, it depends on your device. From there you should either be ready to scroll down and hit Clear cache or you might have to initial go into Storage then Clear cache.
  • Once this has been finished, go back into your Google Play Store and examine if your problem has been solved. If not, you should try one of the other solutions here.

Remove play store data:-

Clearing your data means cleared your play store saved data, and by doing this, hopefully, the problem would be solved. This may be the solution for when the Google Play Store keeps freezing.

To get started, head into your Settings and locate the Apps or Application manager. From where you should be able to scroll down to Clear data or go into Storage head then Clear data.

Disable Google Play apps:-

If the preceding method doesn’t work then try this method to fix Google Play Service for instant apps. Follow the below-given steps:

  • At first, open the Settings menu and pick Google or Google Settings according to your Android device.
  • Next, a menu of options shows to you, so drop down and click on Google Play.
  • Soon, click on the toggle switch to turn off the apps.
  • When it indicates then click on the Turn-off.

Now, check if the error has been resolved successfully.

Uninstall Google play app:-

  • At first, navigate to the Settings section and click on the Application Settings.
  • Now, navigate to the All apps section and select Google play app.
  • Then, tap on the Uninstall.
  • Restart your android device and check if the error has been fixed successfully.

Update Google Play apps with the latest version:-

If you use an old version of Google Play services then you can also trouble with this problem. So, update it with the latest version to fix this issue. After refreshing, restart your device and check if the error has been fixed.

Remove Google account and then add again:-

  • At first, navigate to the Settings section and select the Accounts.
  • Now, click on Google.
  • Then, remove your Google account.
  • After this, go back to your Google Play Store and sign in back your Google account.
  • Furthermore, accept all terms & conditions and set the Google Settings.
  • Soon, open Google Play Store and check if the Google Play Service for instant apps has been cooked successfully.

Factory reset your android device:-

If all the preceding methods don’t work to fix Google Play Service apps then try this method to fix it. Factory reset your device and it fixes the error. before resetting take a backup of your data.


In this blog, we talked about fixing Google Play Services for instant apps. I hope, it is helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding this then call the Google customer support team to resolve them.

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