Guest Blogging: Is It Really Viable for Your Link Building Strategy?

Guest Blogging

When it comes to building links for websites; marketers make use of all the possible weapons they have, to do it efficiently. Guest blogging is one such way. You might have heard a lot that guest blogging is dead and doesn’t work well for link-building strategy. But is that the truth? Ask any International SEO Service professional and they will tell you about it.

Now you might be wondering will it be still worth including guest blogging in your link-building strategy. Is guest blogging still relevant? If I do it will all my efforts go in vain? Guest blogging is being used for ages to build links and there are hundreds of misconceptions about it. Some believe nothing could be more beneficial than guest blogging while others say it is the worst link-building strategy you could ever come up with. So, what’s the truth? Well, you are going to find answers to all your questions in this post.

The vast majority of SEOs agree to the fact that guest blog is absolutely a highly-efficient SEO strategy. But the thing that should always be kept in mind is that relevancy and quantity are the keys to guest blogging.

If Done Right, Guest Blogging Can Be Beneficial

Guest Blogging is an astonishingly efficient SEO strategy; particularly when you are starting it out for the very first time. Relevant do-follow links directing back to your website can significantly increase the domain authority of the website. This in turn is one of the components that provide you a better ranking in the search engine result pages. It is true that guest blogging in the right understanding can be expensive.

But it is important to understand that guest posting is not as simple as it was once. Websites with higher domain authority are growing inundated with requests, and often simply no longer reply to requests. It can make things frustrating. If you are also the one who thinks that this task looks time-consuming, then you can reach out to an expert Search Engine Optimization Services.

International SEO Service

Guest Posting on other websites can be extremely helpful, but it can be even more beneficial if you are conducting the research prior to it. Make sure that the website has a healthy domain authority so that your brand name gets tied to another well-respected website.

A Coin Has Two Sides

Even though guest blogging is beneficial there are some other aspects too on which you must concentrate. If you are using guest blogging for building links, there are possibilities that you will have to face so many rejections. The majority of high-quality industry blogs will not allow you to put links to most of your important pages. This is about the pages that have commercial intent that showcase your products and services. These are the pages that are strategic for your website. The users won’t get any value from them. They are majorly promotional and less informative. These kinds of links will change the intent of the guest post.

How To Do Guest Blogging for Successful Link Building?

Guest blogging is not merely the list of all the successful websites and how you pitched them all. In order to successfully do guest blogging, here are the correct guidelines that you have to follow:

  • Try to be selective of where you are about to pitch.
  • Focus on creating the pitch that makes it impossible for the users to ignore.
  • Create a Guest Post that hooks the readers and drives them to your website.
  • Funnel the readers to an outcome
  • Reply to all the comments coming on your posts.

What You Shouldn’t Do While Using Guest Posting for Link Building?

  • Stuffing Keyword-Rich Links to Your Articles.
  • Outsourcing Guest Posts.
  • Doing Guest Post On the Websites That Has No Quality Control.
  • Making Use of Spun Content across the Same Article.
  • Publishing the Similar Content across Multiple Websites.
  • Doing Guest Post with a Purpose of Reciprocal Link Exchange.

Concluding Thoughts

Guest Blogging can indeed be a secret to indirect link building. The users will come flocking to your website as you will be recognized as an authoritative expert in the field. Now that you know how exactly does guest blogging works, it is completely up to you whether you want to include it in your link-building strategy or not. However, if you are still confused about it, then here is the solution for you.

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