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Amidst the other consequences of COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most common influence was increasing unemployment. This global crisis affected the education sector, just like any other division. Prioritizing public health, local governments shut down all public and private school. Forceful closing of educational institutions made it difficult for both parents and teachers. Alongside all other sectors, working from home become popular in the education sector as well. As people become habitual of working online, online tutoring services also become a trend. If you’re looking for online tutoring services, Tots and Tweenies Limited can be your go-to option.

Advantages of online tutoring

With the advent of technology, online tutoring is becoming easier day by day. Here are some of the key benefits of online tutoring services.

1-Saves travelling

It saves travel times for both tutor and pupils. Especially if you’re living a hectic life it’s difficult to travel to different places. Similarly, it saves students from travelling extra miles to classes. Thus, it is equally beneficial for both teachers and students. Moreover, it is eco-friendly to reduce travelling reduces pollution.

2-Limit geographical constraints

Online tutoring is quite effective as it eliminates geographical constraints. Geographical barriers are the limiting factor for effective learning. For instance, as a student, it helps you to get in touch with various tutors worldwide. Similarly, if you’re an instructor you can offer your services to a wide audience.


Online tutoring offers you to get lessons as per your own schedule. For instructors, it is possible to have multiple jobs and still able to manage the online session. Similarly, students can also learn according to their own schedule. As a student, you don’t have to leave your part-time job to attend your classes. With online tutoring, timing is not a restriction for teachers and students.


It ensures your health. As you don’t have to do any other place there are fewer chances of you getting sick. In the current scenario, COVID-19 pandemic is putting people’s life on danger. Thus, online tutoring saves you from contracting virus and becoming ill. Therefore, online tutoring is beneficial for your health assurance.

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5-Easy learning

It makes the learning process easier. Instructors can efficiently share the documents and other reading material with their students. Availability of resources enables students to access the study material and focus on learning. Further, it helps to keep stuff organized for everyone. So, as an instructor, you can access it later on if you going to teach the students of the same standard.

6-Resources availability

Besides the study material, students can also access online available resources. Both instructors and students can easily exchange the links of online resources. It includes using the online diagram, illustrations, images, diagrams, videos, maps etc. Overall, online tutoring improves teacher-student interaction.


Nowadays, a variety of online tools are available. For the purpose of online tutoring, these tools can be used. For instance, online whiteboards can help instructors to explain the concepts. Further, for student’s evaluation teachers can take help from screen sharing applications.

8-Saves money

Online tutoring can help you can save money as well. First of all, if you are an instructor who gives a lesson at his own place you have to spend on your place maintenance. You have to spend extra on cleaning and other maintenance functions. In contrast to this, if you are an instructor you visit student’s place then it will save your travelling cost.

9-Private learning

Online tutoring provides a private learning environment. This is especially beneficial for the students who find it difficult to focus in presence of others. Moreover, it will ensure your privacy as an instructor as students don’t need to see you at your home.


As an instructor, if your place isn’t spacious enough, you can take advantage of online tutoring services. Or else you are someone who doesn’t live at a place to allow students to visit him. You can accommodate multiple students in one time. This saves your time and energy as you can teach more students simultaneously.


Students can save their lessons as recordings or PDF. This can help them restudy the material whenever they need. Further, an instructor can also keep a record of lessons and may use them in future.

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