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loft conversions Enfield

So you’re taking into consideration getting a loft conversion Enfield? That’s wonderful! Why? It will extra living space for you and your family, and your home value will increase and a higher price when you decide to sell it. Research has shown around 20% more, according to owners association. in simple words, having a loft conversion is a win-win situation.

For, in various aspects of our life, reducing expenses or being hasty without doing the right research always results in remorse. So it’s vital to take days – and even weeks – to get your head in finding the information that includes:

  1. Loft Conversion costs
  2. Types of loft available
  3. Time will take to build your conversion
  4. If you need planning permission

How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost?

The cost of loft conversion is between £21,000 – £44,000. You can pay up to on average £63,000 in case you want a large extension. The biggest aspects that have an effect on prices are the size, location and number of dormers.

Types of loft conversion

The type of loft conversion you decide to have depended on many factors; the most crucial how much budget you have to spend. Next, comes whether the space is perfect for it or not? Thirdly, you need planning permission or not.

  1. Velux – It is the least expensive option that ranges between £21,000-£41,000.
  2. Dormer – It is the most common one in the UK, and it is a small flat roof extension that has a window. It has two forms side dormers and L-shaped dormers. The cost range between £31,000-£58,000 for a standard Dormer and £40,000-£60,000 for an L-shaped Dormer.
  3. Hip to Gable – In this form, one of the end slopping parts o the roof are replaced with gable wall. The cost range between £42.000-£65,000.
  4. Mansard – This type involves the replacing of one whole side of the roof to get a straight wall and flat roof. This also implies extending both sides, producing a whole new storey. For this, you need to get planning permission. It cost between £45,000-£75,000.

loft conversions Enfield

Length of time to build the conversion

How much time your conversion will take to finish? It depends, obviously, on what kind you intend on getting in the first place. The mansard, as an instance, is the biggest type and may take up to two months from when it begins till it gets complete. With a dormer, you are focusing at a timescale of from 4 to 6 weeks whilst a double Velux needs to take around a month.

Planning permission

Once more, whether or not you need your local authority planning permission relies upon on the sort of conversion and the condition of your house. If it’s indexed you then without a doubt, need to communicate with the planning department of any intentional modifications.

Moreover, if the loft conversion is better than the original roof or going to impact the view for others, which is the case of the mansard, then neighbours are informed through your nearby planning authority and given 21 days in which to object.

Contact the specialists

If you are searching for reliable loft conversion specialists, that provide budget-friendly services, then Loft Guru is the one you should opt for. They are experienced and constructs lofts that are spacious, built to last and functional.

Their speciality involves that we offer cost savings on the items that go into loft conversions and have an outstanding understanding of what strategies and materials in reality work to provides you with the best guidance. In case you’d like to talk about your loft conversion alternatives, just get in touch. They offer each customer a no-obligation quote so that you have all of the information you want to make a wise choice.

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