How Much Does a Long Distance Removals Company Cost?

long distance removals

Moving house is an art as it requires practical management skills. It involves clearing all the utility bills, renewing mailing address, and everything that involves in it. If you are a survivor of removals, you know that it is not an easy and simple task and any negligence can add up in the costs quickly. Hiring long distance removals companies is, without any doubt, a cost-effective solution. However, in this article, we are going to discuss what makes up the cost, so your moving day is as smooth as silk.

How companies calculate removal costs?

Apparently, it is a simple question, but the answer is not as simple as it seems. There are a few factors involved in it. And once you identify them, you will know what quotes are appropriate for your budget.

Local or long distance move

First and foremost question is whether your move if local or long distance? On average, the local moves are charged at an hourly rate, that has a 2 hour minimum and extra charges for hiring more workers. The cost can fall between £50-60 per hour for a van with two movers. And £25-30 per hour for hiring an extra worker. If your move is simple and local, you can have a rough estimate in mind of the figures when you start planning your move.

On the other hand, long distance moves are calculated in a different way and can vary a lot. The two key factors involved in this are distance and weight of the belongings. These two factors are different for every move. So if you ask the suggestion of your friends and neighbours, everyone will have a different opinion and won’t be of much help.

In the long distance move, the cost is fixed and are not charged on an hourly basis. In order to calculate the costs, the removal company need to know the distance of the move and the size of your belongings.

Let us give you an example: the cost of moving from Cornwall to Edinburgh will be different as compared to moving from London to Birmingham. Also, if you have a one room apartment, the price will vary from the fully furnished mansion.

long distance removals

Do you have fragile and precious items?

Do you love music and are a collector of antique instruments or you have precious artwork? No matter what form of precious valuables you have, you need to keep in mind that you are going to face with extra removal costs for such valuable items. Items like bulky and precious pianos need extra care. They need to be padded and packed in a special way. And move with the utmost care to minimise the risk of damage. However, you need to note down this point. It is the removal company you are hiring should have an experience of moving it.

Apart from this, if you have any antique items, whether large or small, you need to give extra attention and care when moving them. You should inform your removals team about all the fragile items you possess. And are thinking of shifting and plan the best and safest way to transport them. The team you hire should be expert in manoeuvering around tight corners and doorways.

If you possess any furniture item that is extremely difficult to move, then you may be charged extra. Also, have access to your current property and a new one when moving. If you don’t have extra parking space or have a set of tricky stairs and narrow doorways then extra time will be needed and offcours it contributes to the cost.

Need extra service?

The other cost that can contribute to the costs is whether you need extra services apart from the normal move. For instance, you might require the services of assembly and disassembly, packing or temporary storage.

Now you know how the costs are calculated, fill in the quote form on Home2Home Movers website. And get a free estimated quote.


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