How Much Does It Cost to Install a Wood Burning Stove Uk?

wood burning stove for sale

Like any complex mathematical formula, trying to find the average cost that would incur in installing wood burning stove for sale is not a simpler task. To find the exact total cost that is involved in this process depends on a host of variables. The total cost should take into account the entire process, that includes choosing the perfect stove to the installation process, registration and filling it with fuel.

You might have heard the speculations revolving around regarding the use of the woodstove. It is said that the stoves surpass any ordinary gas and electric systems in terms of efficiency. But another matter is of major concern, and that is: makes the initial investment overcomes the energy bills that would incur afterwards.

Currently, when have run the test of knowing the popular alternative heating systems and amongst all the eco-friendly biomass fuel, solar water heating craze, wood-burning stoves have topped the list. Research has also shown that over 175,000 wood-burning stoves are fitted each year within the UK alone. However, it still a major concern that does it all work out? Do these claims hold any truth regarding cost-cutting? How much will be the total cost of installing the wood-burning stove?

Well, at OSeasons, we have created the following guide that is going to tell the true cost of purchasing a wood-burning stove. You will be given information regarding the average stove prices, installation process, maintenance and other important bills.

Stove Costs

A regular wooden-burning stove excluding the secondary burn design, compact frame, and true efficiency may cost between £300 and £4000. And with the higher ones being the domain of stylish designer stoves.

To provide a sense in such claims, the latest look of WHICH magazine has stated that 29% of their owners spent between £1000 – 1,999. On the other hand, 13% spent substantially greater, somewhere among £2000 – 2,999.

wood burning stove for sale

As you might count on, just like the global world of high road fashion, there is a large number of popular brands competing for attention, each with their personal rate tag. From the robust, reliable hamlet hardy range between £300– £400 to the classical quality of Invicta Boheme around £4300). It is easy to say that prices can vary. It certainly just depends on the individual situation; an aggregate of interior design flair and your spacial property dimensions.

In case you are struggling with deciding on the right stove range for your specific room, then give a try to our available stove calculator. It takes away the stress of number-crunching.

In a nutshell, the price can range between £500 – £1500. it depends on size, design and specifications.

Installation Costs

Installation is evidently, a complex process. And most estimates you see will automatically include some of the factors within the charge—for instance, all the essential authorisations, labour fees, materials and so forth.

On average, the cost will account for:

  1. the labour of the workers
  2. use of sturdy flue pipes
  3. chrome steel liner
  4. registration plate to seal off the chimney opening, chimney cover, a co detector, HETAS registration

There always prevails a twist, although, and this time it circles around chimneys. Especially whether you have got a pre-existing chimney, or in case you require the set up of a completely new dual walled flue system. The point can’t be stressed enough too, that you’ll need a totally certified HETAS engineer to supervise both styles of installation.

We possess all the expertise and pieces of equipment that is needed to have a smooth installation process. We provide an estimated cost upfront that is without any hidden charges. Get in touch with us to get more details.


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