How Much Does Sewer Pipe Lining Cost?

drain pipelining

Now you protect or repair your plumbing easily by considering installing drain pipelining. In simple words drain lining consists of small patches made from synthetic leather that is fitted to areas within the pipes that have bridges, holes, cracks or gaps. First, these are identified by inspection or CCTV cameras, and after that, these small pieces are reinforced. In this process, specialised equipment is used known as pressurised rod, which enables the easy lining of the drain. One thing to remember is that is drain lining is resistant to several types of chemical erosion. So you don’t have to fret about plumbing getting damaged by bleach or soap over time.

Drain lining is also known as one of the cost-effective and convenient methods. But the important question is how much you can expect to pay? If left neglected and overlooked, the cracks inside it will eventually start to cause problems. It includes leaks and foul smells to serious issues like structural damage and sinking. Relining process involves adding a protective layer to inside the drain. It protects the pipes from cracks and other defects.

What is drain relining cost per meter?

To get the answer, we have surveyed different companies of what they charged for 20m of drain lining. For 100mm pipe diameter, the average cost would be £72, and for 150mm pipe diameter, it would be £108. On the other hand pre-inspection of the pipe through CCTV can cost on average £88. here

drain pipelining

Different factors affecting the price

  1. Conducting a CCTV survey? A CCTV inspection identifies the exact location and issues prevailing within the pipe. After this, the contractor can have a good understanding of how many connections are existing within the drain.
  2. Access areas for vehicle: How many access points are their and their specific locations. This also includes maintenance holes and several connections.
  3. Lateral cuts: Identifying the number of lateral cuts. Usually, when the drainpipe is relined, it blocks all of the pipes intersections. Lateral cuts permit the water to flow easily through the intersection. So more cuts mean higher costs.
  4. The current condition of the pipe: You need to share the details regarding the existing condition of the pipe. Before CCTV inspection, high-pressure water jetting will be required to clear any debris or tree roots. This removes all the blockages and promotes the smooth flow of water.
  5. Geographical location: The costs also vary according to the location. Usually, the costs tend to be much higher in London as compared to other areas.

Pros of drain pipe relining

  1. Minimum or no excavation is required. This, in turn, reduces the restoration costs for landscape damages.
  2. It is best for those areas where excavation is not easy.
  3. Less disruption and time needed. Usually, jobs are completed within a day.
  4. Discuss all bends and offset joints
  5. Easily renovate the pipe materials
  6. Provides a much longer guarantee as compare to new PVC pipes
  7. Less costly than replacing pipes

Clearway Plumbing and Drains offer longer guarantees and warranties that s of at least 5 years. Also, keep in mind that most of the relining process is completed within a day.

Get prices on drain relining near you

In this article, we have done our best to provide you with the brief details of what you can expect to pay for drain relining method. However, our words are not written on stone, and quotes can vary. Clearway Plumbing and Drains provides accurate prices. Get free and no-obligation quotes in your local area by filling their quote form.

They provide the best and reliable services that are within every individual budget needs. So, hire the experts and secure your pipes from getting damaged.

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