How to add a page for guest post service?

guest post service
guest post service

Today’s whole world is moving forward with the development of technology. All human beings in the world are moving forward. As the days go by, the contact with the latest technology is getting easier and easier for the people. Internet service is one of the determinants of this technological development. As the days go by, the number of internet users is increasing exponentially. At the same time, people’s thinking-ideas, discussion-criticism, writing, opinions, free thinking sharing techniques are changing.

If you are a blogger and you want to provide a space to other bloggers for link building, then you have to create a separate page on your website. One has to create this page very precisely and with eye-catching pictures so that the person will love to opt for your service.

Here in this post, we are going to talk about creating a new page for guest for service and what all things one has to add in it.

Guidelines for separate guest post page:

While providing guest for service, you cannot provide a space to anyone without knowing the details. Therefore, one has to ask for some details from the person who wants to add a blog with the link on your site. The list of details is as follows:

  • Ask for the complete name and identity proof of the person.
  • Confirm whether they are running a General blog website or a business website.
  • If it is a business website, then ask for GST number and the platforms they are using to sell the products.
  • Ask for the full name of the website and its URL.
  • Check the URL thoroughly and see whether it is a spam website or white-hat technique used to promote the website.
  • One cannot allow a spam website to place a link on their website.
  • Ask for a reference to any other individual who can tell about their website in detail.
  • Try to check the Google review of the website if possible.
  • Confirm how many links or blog post they want to place on your site.
  • Ask them whether they want a permanent link or temporary link.
  • Check their niche and match with yours. Only allowed those websites to place a link which is similar to your blogging niche.

One can make a separate form to get this information. Create a page and place a button in the bottom with the name “Register for Guest Post”. Redirect this button with another page which has a form to fill all this information and submit. It will show you, buyers, that you are serious about providing your guest post services and you are putting efforts for the same.

Advantages of creating a separate page:

When anyone will reach your website, and they will see a Messy page offering guest post providing services, they will not like it.

But when someone reaches your website, and they will see a properly maintained page with some summation buttons and registrations options, then they will like it.

Therefore, the primary reason to create a separate page for guest post service is to showcase your professionalism.

The second reason is that you will be able to keep an eye on all the information and save the record for further verification of bloggers.

How to do guest blogging to increase page view?

A blog is a personal diary, a way to present yourself to the world, a way to express your feelings and thoughts. Yes, everything can be done on the blog if you want. With blogs I would say this is an ongoing or continuously updated website.

Blogging is the act of highlighting a topic on a particular web site to give readers feedback. Blogging is the thing that is written in different blogs or web sites is blogging. This blogging can be about a variety of topics, such as literature, politics, and technology, travel stories, writing a diary on various topics in your life, and writing about knowledge of information technology.

If you have a blog, you can share your thoughts, research and information with thousands of readers. Blogging can also be an alternative way for you to earn money as your popularity grows

To start guest blogging, you first need to open a blog account on a specific blog site. You will need your e-mail ID when opening an account. You need to open an account with a specific name that will be your identity. Everyone on the blog will know you by that name. This name is not changeable later. You will also need a Username and Password to login to your blog account. Be a username that is not being used by anyone else on that blog site. After successfully opening your blog account, you need to login with your username and password and enter your account. After logging in, you can write a new blog or a new post and publish it on the blog.

Recently, some bloggers are not allowed to publish the writings of new bloggers directly on the front page. If a new blogger regularly posts good and quality writing, then the moderation board can select the verification and give the opportunity to publish his writing on the first page. Also new bloggers are not allowed to comment on any other blogger’s post in the first place, they are allowed to comment after accessing the first page. These rules generally apply to popular blog sites. Such as the somewhere in blog. But only those bloggers who are new or have not gained much popularity are given all the benefits of blogging only after activating their account.


In this way, we have learnt that the guest post provider has to put some efforts into their work. People will not opt for your services until or unless you are highly recommended in your services. These are very small steps that one has to follow. One can ask their developer to add a separate page while developing a website instead of doing it later.

Developers have full knowledge about adding the buttons for submission and registration with redirecting a page. Therefore, it will not be a very big deal to create a new page and representing it in front of the audience properly. Even Google or any search engine will recommend your site if it is properly developed. In this way, one will be able to work in the right place every time.

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