How to buy gemstones in India?

buy stones online

Gemstones can be found on most people in India on one hand or the other. Earlier, people used to purchase these stones from brick and mortar shops but with the advent of online shopping, most people prefer to pick their stones from online shops as well. While online shopping is very convenient, it is important to understand how to pick original stones at verified prices without being cheated. Not just the stones, you should be absolutely sure of the originality of the store as well. Here are some tips that will help you buy stones online easily.

Buy from a verified store only: While there are many online stores available, most do not have the required credibility. Most of the online stores will have a physical stores address as well. You can double-check the address, email id and phone number of the store. If the store from where you are purchasing is making any attempt of hiding the contact details then it is best not to purchase from there. You can also check up the reviews available online for that store. Those with enough credibility will have their social media pages also. You can check the same online and find reviews from customers. 

Compare various kinds of websites: There are a number of online stores available which sell gemstones. Therefore, you can always compare the prices and products with the competitor sites to check the difference in price and quality. Check for product and customer reviews of all the sites you are comparing. This will give you a fair idea of whether you are being sold the right product or not. 

Check for the payment options: A proper gemstone store will offer all the major payment methods. These methods should be offer completely security regarding online payments. In case there is any problem with the payment gateways then it is best to not transact at all. The stone price in India is quite high. Prior to the purchase you should also consider the return policy of the product. A legit company will have a proper return policy which will ensure the trust of the customers. 

How to recognise the stones: If you are purchasing a gemstone from an online store, it is imperative that you know the stone properly. Recognising the stone is the first step towards making a safe purchase. Always check whether the stone has an inclusions or cracks or black spots in it. Original stones should not be chipped either. The colour of the gems is also very important. In most cases the gemstones undergo treatment to enhance their natural colour. Therefore, it is important to see if the colour appears smooth and even to the eye. You can also check under a magnifying glass for colour concentrations or abnormal opacity. The cut of the gemstone is also an essential feature. The stone should be cut properly without any scratches or cut marks. Ideally, the stones should touch the skin of the person wearing it so that the effects can be passed on.  

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