How to Outshine your Competitors through SMS Marketing?

Outshine your Competitors through SMS Marketing

Companies around the world have been using different marketing techniques to beat their rivals. Every company tends to overcome competitors and attract as many clients as possible. All of them have been mixing up marketing techniques at different times. With technological advancements, the methods of marketing also changed. Businesses these days are following more sophisticated ways of advertising to reach a fragmented audience. Since we are living in an era of digitalization, every business needs to adopt digital ways of promotion and marketing. SMS marketing, these days, is turning out to be the most sophisticated way of marketing. Since the usage of mobile phones is at its peak, it’s imperative to exploit the opportunity and reach the audience at their homes.

Why SMS Marketing?

SMS advertising can help the businesses achieve the set targets and bring more traffic to boost the sales up. It’s an effective and economic way of targeting customers and leading them through the sales funnel at their own pace. Looking into the monetary terms, SMS marketing is four times cheaper than email marketing (Source: Mark Daoust, Founder of Quiet Light Brokerage). SMS has higher chances of getting opened when compared with an e-mail. Looking at the mobile usage ratio, UAE is leading the ladder with the highest mobile phone users. A text message is read every four minutes in Dubai. With that said, the SMS marketing agency in Dubai is capitalizing on the opportunity. SMS advertising is a smart and powerful tool to connect with the audience. Since mobile usage is at its peak, this technique can be very helpful for businesses in brand awareness.

An integrated platform to reach the audience:

Present-day marketers are anticipating market-custom-made communication channels. They are aware of the fact that how SMS advertising is going to make a difference. Hence, they are eager to pick cell phones as one of the most available and fruitful media of communication to convey their messages. Advertising agencies in Dubai have built an integrated system for SMS advertisement. They have greatly assisted the companies who are following this mode of advertising. Due to its ability to offer multifaceted functions to the clients, the frequency of SMS marketing has increased greatly. This mode of advertisement, due to its wide acceptance, is adopted by the multicultural, heterogeneous business sectors in the UAE. The old modes of advertisements are getting neglected due to some reasons. They were not reaching the desired customers and were very costly. Apart from these two flaws, the major drawback was their time-consuming.

Sales Promotions and competition:

The United Arab Emirates ranks top among the countries with the highest numbers of mobile phone users. They offer the best telecom administration services to its public with a variety of appealing bundles. UAE – a place with the highest number of mobile phone users – can bring about a phenomenal change in the trend of SMS advertising. It is said that, on average, text messages are read within 4 minutes in UAE. With that said, SMS advertising can boost sales a great deal. The SMS marketing agency in Dubai offers attractive deals to companies to carry their advertisement campaigns. It can go places and can bring along a huge lot of customers, provided that the campaign is carried out with the right strategies.

The growth rate of SMS marketing:

As the world is adopting digital modes of marketing, consequently, the new modes of marketing are evolving. SMS marketing, out of all the marketing methods, is getting very popular. Companies are adopting this mode of marketing to reach a fragmented audience across the UAE. An ever-increasing number of brands are targeting their clients and SMS marketing is the correct device for this task. SMS advertising has an unimaginably high open rate, which makes this promoting strategy unmatched regarding marketing output. SMS advertising in UAE is similarly as powerful as anyplace else. SMS advertising can help the businesses achieve the set targets and bring more traffic to boost the sales up.

Chances of standing out:

Rather than competing with the other marketers, SMS advertising permits you to begin a discussion straightforwardly with your client. Honestly, other promoting activities, as paid advertisements or email, are right. They have a spot in your technique. The issue is that every other person has a similar thought like you, and organizations besiege client inboxes on various occasions a day. Interpretation: Performance drops a great deal when you’re seeking space in clients’ inboxes. SMS marketing is the way-out to outperform competitors. Moreover, it’s cheaper than the other marketing techniques and it is effective. Technological innovations have allowed organizations to smarten-up their marketing modes. And this revised plan of action is up to infiltrate the entire Middle East market. Rest assured; successful integration of SMS marketing strategy can help businesses beat their rivals.

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