How to prepare for UPSC examination | Civil Services Examination

UPSC is one of the best exams of India that produces the top bureaucrats who administer the nation with a higher level of thinking capability. And that’s why most of the boarding schools in Dehradun provide tuitions for competitive exams also.

I’ve collated some secret techniques that you can utilise to overcome all the obstacles coming your way! They are as follows:

Prepare a list of topics to be covered

Before diving straight into your syllabus, what you can do; is to list out all the topics that you need to cover for your examination. This will comprise the entire syllabus from class 6th to 10th, with a major focus on Political Science, Geography, Mathematics (OPTIONAL) and Economics. Most of the time, the NCERT books that cover these subjects are enough, but buying and studying from a dedicated book can also do wonders. Preparing a list can help you maintain focus and have a clear goal in mind, which is the mindset one needs to have at all times when preparing for UPSC examinations.

Start reading newspapers!

Newspapers are one of, if not the best sources of finding information about the world. Reading newspapers daily can help you to rapidly develop your general knowledge. One of the best ways to retain the daily influx of current affairs that barge straight into your head; take notes of the prominent news that you come across. It will help in sorting out the major news that usually has a chance to appear in the exams, from the minor news.

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Spend a major portion of the preparation period on your weaknesses

You need to determine what your areas of weakness are, then put maximum amounts of effort into improving upon those grey areas. Try your best at covering every possible ground and not leave anything hanging, these exams can prove to be very punishing for those that carry a weak-spot, and we don’t want that to happen now, do we?

Don’t completely depend on coaching centres!

Listen, I completely agree that coaching centres can prove to be a great way of receiving directions when feeling lost, but one should try not to depend completely on them. In fact, it is my humble suggestion that you should prepare for the exams on your own first. If you start feeling confused and lethargic, then you should look towards coaching centres for help. But even then, those centres can only provide you with various resources and a direction to head towards. The actual work needs to be done by you and you only. So make sure that, if you start preparing from a coaching centre, prepare the syllabus by yourself as much as you can and not depend on the classes and sessions alone.

Set up a routine.

Simply getting up and studying anything that you come across is not gonna work here. Prepare a calculated regime in which you can cover a set amount of topics in a day easily. However, make sure not to overburden yourself. Determine how much time you can devote to your studies and side-activities. When all is said and done, set up your schedule accordingly. This point coincides with the aforementioned 1st point that states how you should prepare a list of topics that you can cover. When you have a proper schedule for studying, it will help you in maintaining your concentration and have a clear mini-goal in mind, that is, completing the number of topics you’ve set for yourself.

But, that was it from my side. Now, remember, I can only tell and explain to you different methods for studying and preparing for UPSC exams, but the actual efforts need to be put in by you only. It’ll be you who sits for the exam and subsequent rounds, not me. One thing I can assure you about though is that if you put your best foot forward and work your hardest at it, there’s not a single thing that you cannot achieve, not a single obstacle that you cannot overcome, and definitely not an exam that you cannot clear with flying colours.

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