How to Set the Verisure Smart Alarm System?

verisure smart alarm

Verisure is an integrated security alarm that provides professional security solutions. With over 3.2 million users, Verisure smart alarm system is a leading service provider. They are offering 24/7 monitoring solution with exceptional product design. These alarm systems provide the best protection for your homes and workplaces. The company offers an extensive range of security solution that is anti-theft as well as emergency response. All their systems include professional installation, maintenance, monitoring and 24/7 response. The company operates all around Europe with over 30 years of professional experience.

Verisure security alarms

This article reviews the important services the company provides.


This finest security provider company has its services based on detecting and preventing intrusion as well as offering an immediate response to any emergency situation. Some of their key features include:

1- They offer immediate guard response. For instance, an intruder enters your place they immediately send a guard to inspect the matter.

2- An in-build SOS button allows the clients to call for help in case of any unwanted situation. Then, they can react accordingly by sending an ambulance, fire brigade or police.

3- To ensure exceptional customer services, the company provides life-time warranty. Further, if your system is not working properly you can ask for technical assistance from them.

4- Moreover, they offer 24/7 technical assistance for their valuable customers.

5- Another service Verisure gives to its customers is mobile support. It allows you to remotely monitor your premises in case you sitting away.

6- Lastly, they offer 45-seconds response time to immediately react to any emergency situation.

Features and services

Their own security teams operate in certain areas to immediately respond to an emergency situation. This reassures the clients that the security team will reach in time to rescue them. This exceptional service makes them stand out of the crowd for the right reasons. However, it makes their services a bit expensive than the ones available in the market. Another key feature that separates them from their competitors is their centralized panel. Basically, Verisure is an integrated security system that connects cameras, sensors and accessories to a central control panel. Moreover, this panel is highly integrated and portable. Besides these, they also offer a zero-vision device. This zero-vision device releases a dense non-toxic smoke in the environment that disables the intruder from navigating your premises.

verisure smart alarm system

Customer support

Verisure security system operates on monthly costs. Surprisingly, this monthly cost includes maintenance as well. So, if any of your devices gets out of order you can ask the claim free of cost repair. Further, their customer support enables people to immediately approach them. This is not only helpful in emergency situations but also provides professional assistance in the management of your device or accessories.

Plan and pricing

As far as the prices of their products are concerned, Verisure doesn’t publish this information on their website. However, if a customer is considering them, the company can provide the quotations. And when we talk about their plans, Verisure offers 3 years contract-based service. New users can sign-in and sign a contract with the company. The average cost for this plan can range between £2000-£4000. However, it significantly depends upon accessories and driver’s installation. But still, these prices are quite higher for a person living in a small space and looking for a DIY security solution.


Verisure provides professional assistance in alarm installation. You can call their customer support for the installation of the security system. However, if you are looking for one such service providers, you can consider Alarms Are Us. The said company is known to provide reliable security solutions for all your requirements.


Verisure is exceptional security systems to its customers. If we compare its services to the competitors like ADT or Vivint we can say that Verisure is relatively expensive than these. But it provides more comprehensive service as well as guard response which makes it exceptional. Further, this device isn’t for someone who is looking for DIY security solutions.


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