How to Stop Your Glasses Lenses From Fogging

Essilor Optifog Lenses
Enjoy fog-free vision with Essilor's Optifog lenses

If you regularly wear glasses, you’ll be all too familiar with your lenses fogging up, especially when wearing a face mask. This usually happens at the most inconvenient times and can be dangerous, especially when you’re driving or performing tasks that require the utmost care and attention.

So how can fog on your glasses be prevented?

Essilor Optifog Lenses

Expertly designed and incredibly simple to use, Essilor Optifog lenses are the definitive solution to combat fogged lenses. The specially designed lenses offer clear vision and come with a two-year scratch guarantee.

This unique anti-fog solution combines two elements in the form of an anti-fog top layer and a smart cloth with anti-fog molecules. The lens’ dual functionality delivers fog-free and clear vision throughout the day, as well as protecting from reflections, scratches and harmful UV rays.

How to Activate the Optifog Functionality?

Highly technological, yet so simple to use, Optifog lenses come complete with a Smart Textile, a smart cloth that’s fully coated with anti-fog molecules.

This special cloth has the power to activate the top layers of Optifog-coated lenses. This means that droplets which would normally impair your vision are spread more evenly across the lens. The result is a fog-free layer that remains invisible to the wearer.

Caring for Optifog Lenses

It’s not just the Optifog lenses that offer dual functionality. The Smart Textile can be used as both an activation tool and a cleaning device. This means that it can regularly be used to clean each lens, ensuring it remains coated in anti-fog molecules. That means there’s no need to clean them with your jumper.

It’s worth noting that the Smart Textile cloth cannot be washed. Instead, it should be changed every three months.

Can Optifog Lenses be Fitted to my Glasses?

One of the great things about Optifog lenses is that they can be fitted to a wide range of men’s and ladies’ glasses frames. You can go fog-free in you round, rectangular or oval frame. Likewise in your Oakley, Polo Ralph Lauren or Ray-Ban prescription glasses; you can banish the mist for good.

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