How to survive a job you hate

survive a job you hate

You must have seen in a movie that how dramatically the main lead used to leave the job they hate by slamming the door on the boss’s face. But in reality, this is not possible as we have to pay the bill, mortgages and rent. So if you are feeling miserable, frustrated, and unappreciated in a job, still need to consider a better place to shift before making a career move.

Perhaps you want to become your own boss and striving for the right time to kick in. But what do you do in the meantime? All you need to do is to have some set of strategies that will help in turning that awful job into an opportunity for a better future. So here we are with legit tips to help survive the job unless you find something you want top do.

Prioritize Skill Development

The next strategy is to improve your skills that are going to help you in the future. Like for instance, you want to get your next job of an event planner, then you can find ways to plan an event for your company. In this way, you will get insight and learn how to do it. If you thinking to be an entrepreneur then you can observe that how things are done and learn. All you need to do is put your focus in the right direction. If you focus on developing skills rather than “serving time” the time in your temporary job would go much quicker than you think.

Shift Your Focus

The initial step is to actually have a goal in mind to escape the current job. It may be switching to another place or starting your own business, identify it first. Then comes the point that you must work towards it. It doesn’t matter, whether you are planning to shift in 6 months or 2 years. The main point is that you must have a goal that you are planning to execute in the future. After which you must develop the escape plan and timeline. Finally, the last step comes in which you must focus on the goal. All you have to do is focus on that goal and work every day to get closer to it. In this way you wouldn’t focus on the temporary situation and indulge your time in the future goal and days won’t seem that long.

Care a Little Less

If you have plans to build a career at a particular place or looking for a promotion then caring less is particularly bad advice. However, if you are just there to pass the time and eventually going to switch. Then don’t sweat the small stuff, actually, it doesn’t mean to do a bad job. But it’s a suggestion to do the job and leave the politics and drama out of it. All you have to do is your job, but don’t force yourself to do everyone else as well.

Seek Fulfillment outside the 9 to 5

There are many people who do part-time jobs to make extra money. Professional CV writing service is a platform that give leverage to its employees to work on timings apart from 9 to 5. However, it’s not necessary that you make money from your side gig. As some people also do it for their joy. As the energy you put in being creative can save you from focusing on the nightmares that were there on work.

Look at the Positives

You must have probably seen those memes that say “The best thing at my job is that my chair spins.” Yet we laugh at the thought and move one, but for many people, this is the reality. Despite the free cake, coffee and spinning chair there are some of the positive aspects that you can focus. Like for instance, the experience you are getting that you can put on your resume plus the salary is another thing. Moreover, the people that may be the source of smile on your face in ever break. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the work bearable.

Set Boundaries

You have to take a stand in order to make your job bearable. For example, if there are activities that you don’t enjoy doing talk to your manager. Ask him to assign it to someone else and focus on the projects that you enjoy. If you are working 60 hours a week, stop that immediately. As there is no way you will be able to cope with the physical and mental well-being with that much work load. So prioritize yourself and work in a way that can help you in the next phase of your life and career.

Fill Your Tank

It was obvious that working in a job that is not exciting can be stressful. It would take a lot of energy to get things done motivate yourself throughout the day. In the end when you come back home all you feel is exhaustion and emptiness. Yet when all the energy is going out it’s important that you find ways to get some energy back in. It may be in the form of listening to songs, exercise, spending time with friends, or get your resume done from resume writing service agency and get your new and desired job. There must be something that would leave you feeling energized. So try including those activities in your everyday life.

The bottom line is that it might be possible that not all the strategies are not going to attract you. And it’s very unlikely that you are going to follow all of them. So choose one or two to play with over the next month. We hope that you could not survive but thrive at work, in this time between the career change stages.

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