Investment Opportunities for Senior Citizens in UAE

Pension is a significant step in your life. All expect to protect their life after retirement, whether they are self-employed or paid. This article talks about what you need to hear about different Investment options for senior citizens after retirement. 

An Exceptional Portfolio 

As an investor, you want your investment to give you steady income and capital after retirement. While some investments only offer one of the advantages, others offer both. 

You may not have to look at the first gain if you are a pensioner or a daily source of income. In order to build wealth for post-retirement life, you can envisage steering your portfolio to mutual funds that rise over time. 

However, you should steer your portfolios to assets that include ordinary income for working or self-employed persons that do not earn some kind of pension. It is also recommended that you worry about the kind of investment portfolio you like. 

Investment Options 

Various portfolios provide monthly profits on a daily basis. Some of the Best investment funds for seniors and pensioners are provided: 

Fixed and Recurring Deposits 

One of the most prevalent forms of savings for retirees is fixed deposits (FD) and revolving deposits (RDs). Banks also sell pensioners a relatively higher FD and RD interest rate. In accordance with Section 80TTB of the IT Act, interest income for senior citizens up to Rs50 000 is entirely tax-free in a financial year.

Mutual Fund 

The smartest investment you can make in order to create capital for some time is by far investing in mutual funds. Start to invest in mutual funds and reap from twin advantages – inflationary returns and tax savings. 

You can invest up to Rs 1.5 Lakh per year in ELSS, a tax-saving mutual fund which is eligible for a tax deduction in Section 80C. ClearTax provides a broad range of reciprocal funds programmes for various uses. Invest in top performance reciprocal funds chosen by our experts and benefit from inflationary returns from home comfort. 

Invest in Stock 

Stocks are among those who are not part of the high-net worth segment’s most common investments. You will purchase shares for less than Dh100 from some of your favourite firms. 

In order to have a diverse portfolio you are ideally able to purchase several stocks, for example a minimum of five or six. 

However, it should be noted that in stock acquisition it is essential to enrol the services of the discount broker in place of the full service provider who can either deal for buyers with a high minimum deposit and fee, or with others who can afford payment. 


Like securities, ETFs can be acquired from a broker at low prices, and the owner can invest as many shares as he wants. 

In order to build a diverse portfolio, ETFs use group capital from a variety of individuals to include securities, shares, commodities. They are sold as stocks and will return well. 

As diversity is the secret to investment, regardless of how tiny or large the seed money is, a part of your Dh2,000 should be reserved for ETFs. 


Saving money is also one of many UAE residents’ highest priorities. However, only some of them will sadly spend a large part of their revenues to ensure a safe retirement or to achieve their financial objectives in their lives.

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