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Caravan Tyres
Caravan Tyres

The usage of motorhomes is increasing with every passing day and so its rising popularity makes it all the more important to be well aware of its maintenance and requirements. If you own a caravan, it is quite possible that you feel a bit lost about its maintenance.

Just like any other vehicle even caravans or motorhome are users of the standard tyres. As any other type of vehicle should think a great deal about maintaining the tyres, it applies to a caravan too. There are a couple of things that need special attention as everything might not be similar to the usual car scenario. So here we are to talk all about caravans tyres.

Most Suitable Tyres

Talking of the Car Tyres London that can be fitted in such vehicles comes up the mention of the standard tyres that are found in the usual passenger cars as well. But those are not the only ones and there are other better-suited tyres for caravans which are mostly known as light van tyres. Apart from these, there is a special kind of tyres with CP markings on them. These tyres are specifically designed for caravans and are capable of balancing heavy loads of the vehicle well.

The motorhomes are more than just vans and so their load capacity is also different, so while standard van tyres would do a lot to support it, optimum performance is possible only by the use of ‘CP’ marked tyres. Ask any tyre professional about it and you shall get the same answer as given here. In fact, many caravan manufacturers also recommend tyres with ‘CP’ marking as the ultimate choice.

Which are tyres with CP marking?

The tyres that have the CP marking are designed and made especially for the use of motor vans which are heavy automobiles. Moreover, these are also a little different than other heavy vehicle tyres like that of the trucks, etc. 

Tyres with CP markings are designed to be inflated at a high level, which means these tyres have high tyre pressure to easily balance the extra load of the van and even work really well when there occurs any kind of deflection in the tyre pressure. In such dire cases, other tyres would succumb to extreme damages but CP marking tyres are a class apart when it comes to strength. Also standing a long time at a position also taxes the tyres a lot and so even in such a scenario, CP marked tyres seem to be working wonders as it has strong sidewalls too to retain the load over a long period of time. If you own a caravan then make sure you consult with a professional or even check with your manufacturer’s tyre recommendation before going out to get new Goodyear Tyres London.

Tyre Regulations

There are surely some regulations even for the motor home tyres, but it is not that different from the standard tyres one. Even though most of the drivers shall be aware of it already still reiterating shall help to remember it better. Forgetting or avoiding any one of these can cost you a fortune as it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure these tyre regulations at all times.

The most important point is to check your tyres regularly for treadwear. According to the transport authorities, the central part of the tyre tread should have a minimum of 1.6mm and more appropriately something around 3 mm is much better. 

The other tyre law would be to see if the tyres on the same axle, either the front or the back, are of the same size. In fact, the other tyre specifications would also need to be exactly the same as the ones fitted on one axle. Sometimes tyre experts suggest getting all the tyres of the same specifications and of the same brand and model. But if not all four, at least the ones in pair should be done so.

There is another vital rule which is specific for caravan tyres, which is the tyre age limit. In the case of the special CP marking tyres is said to out of use after 3 years and sometimes a maximum of 5 years can still be considered. And if standard van tyres are in use then its age limit would be 5 years and in exceptional cases a maximum of 7 years. 

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