Lodging Visa Subclass 189 Australia? Check It Out Its Benefits Here

A  skilled independent visa 189 is a visa for skilled workers wishing to come and work in Australia and become a permanent resident. They are not sponsored by their family member, an employer, territory, or state. The visa is issued every year to a lot of aspirants across the world, planning to migrate to Australia. To qualify for Subclass 189, applicants need to possess genuine skills. After obtaining a Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189many benefits are there that a person can enjoy, and they are:

Permanently stay and work in Australia.

If you wish to permanently migrate to Australia and stay and work, Subclass 189 allows you to do that. With this, you can reside and roam across the country, look for jobs, study in your favorite stream or college, etc. Along with that, you have the right to register in the Medicare public health care system so that you get health services at no cost or budget-friendly price.

Include and sponsor your family members 

If you want your family members, like a sister, brother, mother, dependent parent, to come and stay with you, you can do that. You can sponsor your family members so that they can come and reside for a maximum period of five years. In these five years, if they want, they can travel to and from the country, apply for Australian citizenship along with you by qualifying the requirements, etc.

No nomination or sponsorship is required. 

When you are applying for a 189 Visa Australiayou do not need a sponsor. It’s a great aspect, and you do not need to reveal how much fund you have. In case you do not have funds, you need to come back to your own country.

Travel across the world

With a skilled independent subclass 189not only are you allowed to roam across the country but also the world. If you qualify for the eligibility criteria, nobody will stop you from doing anything.

Apply from anywhere 

There is no restriction when it comes to the specification of the location for applying for a Subclass 189. Applicants can apply from anywhere, and the visa is granted even when you are in Australia, or you are outside the country. Once you have received the visa you become a permanent Australian resident for legal purposes.

Well, now that you know the advantages of obtaining a Subclass 189. If you want to apply for it, you should consider some of the aspects. Without fulfilling the requirements, you will not be granted the visa. However, the application process is as follows:

Applying for the visa 

As you are interested to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa, you must go through the visa application form. The processing time and the outcome of the visa application will depend on the status of your application process. Before applying, submit an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect. Collect all the requirements and apply for the visa form online. The form is quite big, so you take a break and fill it slowly. After filling every page, do not forget to save it.

Also, before uploading, keep a digital proof of all the documents as you need to upload them. Once you are done, you will receive a reference number. After submitting, you need to clear the payment and wait for their approval. In case the visa authority needs any information, they will inform you, and you need to update. In case everything is fine, you must wait for the visa. Once it gets approved, you will be informed about the visa, which you need to take a print. Now check out the eligibility criteria mentioned here.

Fulfilling the requirements 

First of all, before applying for a Subclass 189, you need to check the positive skill assessment for the occupation. Most occupations are self-explanatory, but some of them might be a bit tricky to understand. In this aspect, the Migration Agent Perth can guide you. After that, you need to be below 45 years when you are applying for a visa Subclass 189. Your score needs to be more than 65; otherwise, your visa will not get sanctioned.

Meet the English language requirement 

You must know the competent English language to get a visa subclass 189sanctioned. If you are applying for IELTS, you must get at least 6 in every section, such as reading, speaking, listening, and writing. For a PET test score, you must get at least a B in every section without fail. In a PTE Academic test score, it’s important to score at least 50.

No outstanding debt 

While applying for a Subclass 189, clear all your outstanding amount if you have any under the Australian government. In case you cannot clear the entire amount, make certain provisions for that. It will help you to get your visa sanctioned without facing any rejection.

Meeting health and skill requirements. 

While applying for an Australian visa, you need to qualify for the health and character requirements. When you submit the application form, you will receive a reference number and the preferred doctor you need to meet. That’s why; there is no point in visiting a doctor before. Make sure to do the medical tests as the doctor has prescribed. Alongside that, attain the character requirements as well. In case you need any help, the Immigration Agent Perth can guide you on what needs to be done.

Signing off!

Well, if you wish to enjoy the benefits of a Subclass 189, you need to avail of the visa and fulfill all the requirements. Every information regarding the visa is mentioned here, so it would not be difficult for you at all with the process. Even though you come across any query, the top Visa Consultant is always there at your rescue. If you have submitted all the documents required for the visa, you will get it within a short time. One important aspect does not forget to clear the fee; otherwise, your application form will not be evaluated.

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