Main contributors to student’s poor performance

student's poor perfomance

It’s surprising how students act shocked when the end-of-semester exams are out. They behave as if they never expected to get much lower grades. Some even ask for a remarking of their papers, claiming that the lecturer was unfair in their grading.  But, a closer look into the assignments often reveals that the students deserved what they got. Let’s look at reasons for student’s poor performance.

Unfollowed instructions

It’s the primary trap for many students. They construct and answer their own questions. They walk out of the exam room with confidence and discuss how the paper was a walkover with other students in the corridors. Amid conversation, they realize that they interpreted the question differently.  But they have to wait for the result to unravel the mystery of who followed the instructions.

Ensure you read in between lines to understand the instructions.  Read the guidelines as many times to help you comprehend everything. Do not proceed to your paper with any doubts about phrases or jargon. They may be all you need to pass your assignment.

Ask your lecturer for clarification.  Only a few students are bold to approach their lecturer for clarification. Most of them fear that the tutor may deduct them some marks for disturbing them with questions. It’s a rare occurrence. Many trainers will be glad to help a learner who has shown interest in writing quality assignments.

Late submission contributes to student’s poor performance

Another ticket to poor performance is submitting your work after the due date.   Lecturers highlight this information in bold letters to show students the seriousness of presenting their work late. Because the tutor did not mention the repercussions, learners assume that it’s one of those empty threats to make them work on their assignment on time.

Thank your lecturer for marking a late assignment. Many do not look at any work submitted after the due date. The award you zero marks and others five points for the effort you made to send the work.  Avoid this frustration by working on your assignment early.

The best homework hack is to do the paper immediately after it’s handed over to you. It allows you to have enough time to read the instructions and write everything you need to write without pressure.  Divide your work into sections to know which part to work on each day.

Voluminous content

Unless stated, always abide within the number of pages given by your lecturer. Students make the mistake of writing more than what they were instructed. They think that the tutor will be happy to see their advanced knowledge of the subject. But not all teachers appreciate your efforts.

Some feel it’s a form of showing off or disrespecting their precise instructions. It’s even worse when you write extra wrong words.  The lecturer gets a chance to deduct marks from your paper. For instance, the guideline was to write five points, and you decide to write eight where the last two are wrong.  Every extra incorrect point lead to a deduction on the correct answer. So, you will end up scoring three out of five points.

Exceed your essay with ten percent.  Sometimes you may have an incomplete point, and you have already reached the word count. Your lecturer gives you an allowance to complete your assignment.  The word count does not include the cover page and the references list.

Unformatted work

Submitting your assignment without a format leads to failure. The first expression you create for your lecturer is that you wrote the paper in a hurry, and you are unsure whether you wrote the right thing. So, they will also mark your article with the same attitude without giving it much thought.

Bribe your lecturer for high grades by formatting your paper. Ensure your paper has a well-formatted cover page with page numbers and your details. Have a consistent font and spacing throughout your essay. No lecturer can resist such an organized paper.

Unedited paper

The easiest determiner that you will fail in your essay is minor mistakes you leave in your writing. Some students don’t give much attention to editing their work. They think it’s enough to edit and follow instructions.

Students fail because of an unedited introduction.  Your lecturer uses this section to gauge the whole paper. If they detect some errors initially, they will conclude that the other parts are not different. They will read the entire document for normality, but they had already graded it based on the introduction.  The best thing is to hire a writer for your custom assignment. They will write for you a clean paper.

The above are reasons for student’s poor performance. They look apparent and straightforward, yet they have led many to do supplementary exams, and others have lost their scholarships. Take time to do your assignment.


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