Greener earth foundation is a needle in the haystack. Amongst thousands of organizations, it is one of the kind. The organization is a grand scale project of the young venerable luminary Joel Pezulu, a man of multifarious talents, an entrepreneur an influencer and a video content producer, Joel is a remarkable man.
Joels project Greener earth foundation is a result of his consummate and elegant skills. Being a visionary, he created this organization to help in combating climate change and keeping the earth greener and cleaner. He plans to take his vision to a global scale and help tackle many problems as he can.
With a plan of exhibiting the power that climate change has, greener earth foundation fundamentaly helps in giving advise to people and the community on how to be in harmony with the environment.
Since the launch if the organization Joel has aided thousands of influencers to the team of experts working at greener earth foundation. The organization has created a concrete platform for welcoming new ideals on how to combat climate change. We wish Joel a colossal success in his vision.

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