Pros and Cons of Workshop Vs Agency

One of the classic topics in the automotive industry is what is the most convenient, take the car to the dealership or go to the main mechanic? It is no secret to anyone that the agency’s services are more expensive, but if we do not do so, we lose the guarantee offered by the brand. What to do then? Here are some points to consider.

An investigation revealed that more and more people decide to leave the services of the agencies to go to other service centers.

The mistreatment, the non-compliance with delivery times, a little personalized attention, as well as the higher costs of the distributors of the brands, have led 48% of the clients not to return to do the repair of their cars to agencies, this according to the study of the consultancy.

The results of this work were obtained through five thousand respondents, whose time of ownership with their car is from one to three years. Among the factors that the participants considered most important when taking their car with the brand are quality of service 31%; delivery process 22%, the start of the visit to the agency 18%, the facilities 15% and the attention of the advisor 14%.

Agencies continue to strive to improve customer service

It should be noted that in recent years practically all automotive firms operating in the national territory have redoubled efforts to comply with policies that increase customer satisfaction. However, they still have a lot to do.

Of course, not all of them can be measured with the same yardstick and, according to what was obtained by JD Power, the firms: Honda, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and BMW stand out from the rest, since the owners of some of their cars are happy with their services.

Before going to a service center not authorized by the brand of your vehicle, you should consider the following risks:

  1. Some firms include one or more services with the vehicle at no cost, these are measured by mileage or time. This means that some brands practice the first service between 5,000 and 10,000 kilometers or between six or ten months, whichever comes first. But if you decide to go to the corner garage, you automatically lose the vehicle’s warranty.
  2. Due to the technologies that cars currently have, it is not easy to find a mechanic who has the computers and tools to repair our car. This will result in a higher expense.
  3. There is the possibility that your car suffers the theft of original components within the workshop, to be replaced by cheaper ones which will be difficult for you to realize because most of the engines are clogged, and this will make you pay more money in the short term.
  4. Failure to go to perform the services established in the Owner’s Manual will prevent the relevant maintenance from being performed on the car, which will cause the cost to be significantly higher when a breakdown occurs.
  1. In most cases the cars are not perfectly repaired on the first try. This causes you to give more laps to the workshop which translates into a greater investment of time and money.
  2. A low-cost repair does not guarantee that the problem will not occur again in the short term. That is, it can be more expensive than going to the agency.

Workshop Vs Agency, Pros and Cons

It must be considered that you can lose the guarantee if you do not go to the agency. If you still prefer to go to a workshop, keep reading. If with all the above you still think that a workshop is your best option, because the brand agency has not given you the treatment you deserve, do not miss any details of the following.

  1. a) Do not go with the first option, you must do an investigation of what the costs are for carrying out the services they offer, and you must be clear about what you need. It is not the same to do a preventive service than a repair.
  2. b) Preventive Service:

It is focused on finding which parts are worn and the systems that due to their use are more likely to require adjustment.

  1. c) Repair:

It is when the problem already affects the performance of the car and must be solved as soon as possible, since if it is taken lightly, the moment will invariably come when its operation collapses, which will translate into a monumental expense.

  1. d) From the moment you enter any of these service centers, you should see how the organization of both the personnel and the equipment they occupy is. If you perceive that it is chaos and that the cars are parked on the street that speaks a lot about the quality, they offer. The best thing is that you look for another alternative.
  2. e) At all times, you must be explained what the repair process will be done to your car, as well as the time it will take.
  3. f) It should be stated how much the job will cost you and what parts need to be changed and for what reason it should be done.
  4. g) You should always demand that the changed parts be delivered to you. Also, the invoices or notes of the replaced parts. This way you will avoid being cheated and resold.
  5. h) It is very important that you receive an evaluation of how your car is entering. That is, if it has damage to the bodywork or any damage to its interiors. With this you will support yourself if its integrity is affected in the repair process.
  6. i) The workshop staff should ask you a series of questions about the general operation of your car. This to have a greater dimension of the possible failure and based on what you tell them, work on specific points saving time.
  1. j) You must be granted a guarantee of workmanship as well as that of the spare parts that were used to fix the damages of your vehicle, it must be in writing.

All brands have hotlines for you to report abuse or breach of what is agreed in your contract. It is important that you enforce what has been agreed, although, we will not lie to you, the process will be long and tedious. For luxury car service packages in Dubai contact here.

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