Smartwatches Buying Guide: Factors and Features to Consider

Technology is getting advanced more and more on a daily basis and everyone is looking for continues innovations and inventions to make lives much easier. It’s not really a thing of the past when watches were considered only as timekeeping device but now everything has been changed massively from a simple timekeeping gadget to a trending tool with countless features to make your routine lives easier.

The modern Smartwatches of nowadays’ are capable enough to perform your important jobs on your phone in a jiffy and save your time in a meaningful way. Moreover, you get rid of the hassle of taking your phone off your pocket over and over again to see annoying notifications. However, buying a smartwatch is not less than a daunting job as there are a wide number of factors or features you should consider such as:

Display Size

The first and foremost concern is none other than a display. Be sure you get one with the biggest display size to operate with your fingers without any problem. However, it should be small enough to wear on your wrist with ease. Newly launched Android smartwatches and Apple smartwatches comprise 2+ inches display – based on either AMOLED, OLED or simple LED. OLED and AMOLED both are considered the best options as they provide punchy colours and play an important role to consume less power.

Operating System & Compatibility

Another important factor to consider before buy a smartwatch is its operating system and compatibility. You may find many options but the options ones are Apple, Samsung Tizen OS, Android Wear and of course Google. Different operating systems bear different compatibilities, for instance, Google OS watches can work flawlessly with devices like LG Watch Sport, Moto 360 2, and Sony Watch 3. But if you have a Samsung flagship smartphone, it’s good to get one with Samsung Tizen OS.

Heart Rate & GPS

Very much like flagship smartphones from different brands, there are many smartwatches that comprise a number of sensors such as GPS, Heart Rate Monitors and others. They are indeed effective during exercise and GPS, on the other hand, doesn’t let you get confused at an unknown place. Therefore, if you have a habit of carrying your smartphone in the morning while exercising or running, a smartwatch with multiple sensors can be your greatest fitness companion to keep you updated.

Watch Faces & Apps

Majority of the applications that support your smartwatch completely rely on which smartwatch category you choose. There are more than 20000 applications that can be synced and operated in a smartwatch alongside a bunch of new features. Most interestingly, you can download applications directly from your watch instead of syncing from your smartphone. So, under your one finger touch, you can actually control several things.

Battery Life

It’s not easy to find a smartwatch that comprises a gigantic battery. With a wide number of advantages, there are many disadvantages too – such as short battery life. Based on reports, on average, a smartwatch can last around 2 days with casual use. Pebble smartwatches, however, seemed to provide you handsome battery life – around 3-4 day with ease.


When it comes to pricing details of smartwatches, it entirely depends on which brand you decide to buy a watch from. Normally, it ranges between $199-1700 – depends on the company and model. Be noted that Apple smartwatches are an exception as you’ll have to bear a solid dent in your wallet if you look to buy a watch from Apple – most probably $500 more.

Important Tips

Before you choose a particular smartwatch, be sure it works flawlessly with your smartphone. For example, Apple watches are compatible with iPhones only whereas Android Wear watches can work with Android smartphones. Besides, get one with a heart rate monitor and GPS sensor if you are a fitness enthusiast. Paying attention to battery life rating is quite important as Hybrid smartwatches have a tendency to offer long-lasting battery life as compared to the others. Finally, look at the band’s buckle if it’s easy to be used or changed later.  

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