Tips for a successful E pass application in Singapore

Tips for a successful E pass , Tips for a successful E pass

Tips for a successful E pass application in Singapore 

Being a business owner in Singapore has a lot of perks. You can benefit from its stable economy and safe working environment. You even get to enjoy tax privileges that every company in Singapore enjoys. However, what can be difficult for your situation is finding workers in Singapore. 

A country that has low unemployment statistics signifies that almost everyone has a job. Thus, if more businesses are founded in Singapore, there will be more jobs than unemployed people. A good option for this is to hire foreigners to come to Singapore and work for your business. This is possible because of the employment visa issuance of the government.

The E pass Singapore visa

Singapore has several types of work passes. The one that is meant for professionals, managers, and other high-skilled jobs is the E pass Singapore visa. The E Pass has a lot of benefits that is why many foreigners want to work in Singapore. One of the benefits that they can gain is the eligibility for Singapore permanent residency. That is why a great opportunity to get foreigners to work for you is by availing of the E Pass.

Since great benefits are gained by holders of the E Pass employment visa, the Ministry of Manpower made it quite stringent for applicants to qualify. They need to meet certain eligibility criteria. As an employer, you need to ensure that the foreigners you plan to hire will qualify for the E Pass. That is why in this article, we’ll give you three tips to succeed in your E pass Singapore application.

#1 – Ensure job offer will meet E pass Singapore eligibility criteria

As mentioned, the E Pass has eligibility qualifications that every employment visa candidate must pass. As an employer, you need to make sure that you select a job applicant that can pass the criteria. However, you should ensure that your job post will help the applicant meet the criteria. That is why the first tip to succeed in the E pass Singapore application is to adjust the job offer based on the eligibility criteria.

An E Pass holder must have a minimum monthly salary of SG$4,500 or higher if he or she is older or has a long work experience. Therefore, your promised salary should be of the same amount or higher. Another E Pass requirement that you need to take note of is the job position. The job you’re providing your applicants should be considered a high-skilled job. This means that the job position should be either an executive, a manager, or a professional. Thus, make sure that the job position and salary are eligible for the E Pass employment visa. 

#2 – Visit the Ministry of Manpower website

The second tip that you should follow to ensure that your E pass Singapore application will succeed is by checking out the official website of the Ministry of Manpower. The Ministry of Manpower has uploaded all the information about the work passes in Singapore. They included key facts, a list of requirements, and a guide on how to apply for each employment visa. They even included FAQs that they update constantly depending on the common questions they get from people. 

Furthermore, they included videos in their guides. This is you won’t make mistakes when filling out the forms and supplying the information. You can email them for more questions if you have any.  Thus, if you want to ensure success in your E Pass Singapore application, get to know more about the E Pass through the Ministry of Manpower website.

#3 – Hire an employment visa service firm

One of the best tips to ensure success in your employment visa pass application is to seek the aid of a work pass professional. When it comes to employment passes in Singapore, the next expert after the Ministry of Manpower is the employment agencies. 

Work visa service companies are permitted by the Ministry of Manpower to process the applications of foreign workers on behalf of the employer. Most entrepreneurs or business owners avail these services especially if they have a lot of foreign applicants. Not only will this help them ensure that the application will be a success but also lessen their burden and save their time. Thus, if you are planning to hire a lot of foreigners, hire a work visa firm that will do the E pass Singapore application for you.

You need workers for your business which is why you should make sure that you won’t encounter any hurdles while acquiring them. Therefore, you should ensure that you meet all the requirements for the employment visa application and go through the whole E pass Singapore application process

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