Tips on Time Extension Request in Construction Projects

How to ask for an extension on a construction project?

Uncertainties and unpleasant events are more likely to appear when dealing with construction projects. Such unlikely events result in delays of a project. Delays in projects bring lots of problems and result in disputes and conflicts. One must have proof to justify the reason behind the delay. It is only possible by proper documentation of day-to-day tasks and other important matters on the construction site.

How to ask for an extension on a construction project?

There are several reasons to ask for an extension in the project. Before the start of a construction project, the time to complete the project is already mentioned. The contract also includes the term of providing the extension if the project delays because of uncertain situations. The contractor must give the reason behind the delay and with proper evidence. There are certain conditions under which the contractor gets the extension, but under some conditions getting an extension becomes impossible. The mismanagement and poor managing skills of the project supervisor or the manager also result in project delays, and under such circumstances getting an extension is impossible. Professional construction consultants in Dubai help minimize the risks of project delays and give proper solutions to avoid such delays in the future.

Below are some of the methods and steps that are necessary to perform for getting an extension.

1. Write a letter

One of the early steps to inform about the delays and asking for an extension is writing letters to authorities. A contractor must write the letter giving a brief detail about the delay reasons and the factors involved in the project’s delay. The letter must be formal and precise, along with the documents proving the delay causes.

2. Mention the reason behind the delay

The delays in construction occur due to several reasons. The contractors’ responsibility is to identify the reasons behind the delay and enlist these reasons in the letter asking for the extension. The cause of the delay will decide whether or not to give the extension. Some reasons like the change in objectives by the owner and weather conditions resulting in delays get the extension. Whereas, delays that occur due to the contractor’s irresponsibility and absence from the workplace hardly get the extensions.

3. When did the delay occur?

Specify the time when the delay occurred. The delay occurs due to initiating the project late and because of getting late approval from the owner. It is important to specify at what stage of the project did delay occur. To identify the time where your project started delaying, keep track of your critical path. Critical paths help in identifying the tasks resulting in the delay and the stage at which delay occurs.

4. Mention the days required

While requesting the extension, mention in your letter the number of days you require to complete the project successfully. You must be able to give justification on the number of days you are asking for the extension. Mention the details of each day and divide tasks to achieve the goals in the given extended time.

While mentioning the days, assess the left tasks and their severity. It will help in estimating the exact number of days to complete the project. Remember, you cannot ask for the extension repeatedly, so make sure the extension you receive is enough for the tasks to complete.

5. Provide daily reports

When asking for the extension periods, do provide the daily reports to authorities you ask for the extension. The daily reports must include the workers’ presence, their working hours, what the milestones were for each day, etc. daily reports are proof of justifying your reasons for the delay.

6. Other supporting documents

Other supporting documents are a must to attach with the extension letter. The documents may be the daily reports, meeting reports, the effects of the budget delays, etc.

Some of the important documents are the contract terms relevant to the extension requests. The contracts, in the beginning, involve the terms and agreement on providing extensions. Clarify all your contract terms and review them before agreeing on any of the words. Take the services of construction consultants to understand the contract terms better and make appropriate construction contracts.

What are the effects of delays on the overall project progress?

The delays in an ongoing project severely affect project productivity and progress.

Delays in the project not only affect the completion date but also increase the overall project completion budget. Such deviations in the account result in many disputes and conflicts. Make effective strategies and do proper planning before initiating a construction project. It will help in reducing workplace conflicts and misunderstandings by getting the tasks done on time. Asking for expert advice in developing the project strategy is an effective way of reducing project delays.

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