Tips to achieve ‘no-makeup look

Isn’t it something unique that most of us want to look natural and want to have a no-makeup look while wearing makeup? We want to look naturally beautiful so that our makeup is hidden, and the others would think we are naturally this beautiful. However, the latest trend in the world of Instagram is bold makeup looks with thick winged liners, heavy lashes, bright-colored lipsticks, eyes shades, and colorful hair.

But the majority of the women prefer decent looks where they can look beautiful in a natural way, opting for the natural tones and colors for their skin and going for such makeup that highlights their features instead of giving them a very bold doll look.

If you want to look pretty and natural just the way the Houston Makeup Artists make you look, you should follow these tips and look pretty naturally.

  • The first thing to pay attention to is naturally beautiful skin. Instead of searching for natural-looking makeup, go for naturally beautiful and flawless skin. Moisturize it, hydrate it, exfoliate it and cleanse it as much as you can.
  • Instead of going for a thick foundation, choose an illuminating primer that would make you feel like you glow from the inside, making your skin look naturally bright and would not clog any pores as well.
  • The hiding of the blemishes and spots on the skin goes for the concealer that is very light in weight. It will give you a natural look, and you won’t feel as if your face is full of some burden.
  • Choosing to sprinkle dew drops on the cheekbones would also give you a natural glow, and you would look naturally active as well.
  • Instead of going for the powder for everything you are using in the makeup, go for the creams because the creams can blend everything perfectly and give you a smooth look. However, if you apply a generous amount of cream to the skin, the pores would get clogged as well. So the best approach is everything being applied in lightweight.
  • Going to the eyes, going from light to no mascara look and looking for the brows, use a brush to highlight them.
  • Lips that look like you just had a popsicle are the most in trend ones nowadays. So apply a non-sticky lipstick and clear off the excess with the tissue.

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