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Glasses Frames
Glasses Frames

Finding stylish and high-quality glasses frames are difficult to find. Even if you’ve found it, the question is can you afford them. Along with billions of light beams penetrating our eyes, so are the indistinguishable eyewear brands present around the globe. Does that make it easier to afford a quality pair of fashionable frames to match your movie-date outfit?

It’s equally difficult to find affordable frames made with quality. You’ll have to compromise quality over quantity or vice-versa. Guess what? Not anymore. Tom Archer, the revolutionary British born startup creates awe-striking designs for prescription glasses online to a fashionable one. The brand makes wearing glasses super chic and cool contrary to what we’ve heard from the past.

Tom Archer is a young independent eyewear label that considered itself more than just an eyewear label. Since glasses are truly a personal accessory, a part of our identity and outer representation of the world. We must look at eyewear with not just a medical tool perspective but a symbol to express our fashion sense. Each accessory we wear says something about us, communicates our emotions, struggles, the label makes it possible to do the same with a pair of glasses you wear. A single frame is just not enough to represent who we are.

All of us struggle with being confident with our beauty since when we see the media’s one-dimensional standard. With eyewear, we’ve struggled to own it as part of our attire. The idea of getting rid of it because it hides your beauty is completely false, but it accentuates. It’s just like fabric over your face, making your beautiful with every print, colour and pattern it comes in. Tom Archer not only created a diverse range of frames but in all different sizes for all face shapes. Talking about nurturing the beauty, environmental friendly eyewear is all that the brand supports. Whether you buy blue light or varifocal glasses, carrying them on in a plastic frame isn’t a wise choice anymore. Though plastic is known for being durable, lightweight and flexible, it adversely affects the environment. Plastic, when worn for more than a month, is most likely to get crooked, wrapped and ward of its pained colour. So much so that the optician centre of lenses dislocates and triggers eye strain and headache.

Sustainability was always on the top of the mind for Tom Archer. Bio-acetate, the brand’s alternative to plastic is sustainable, ethical and a better choice in terms of fashion. Made out of biodegradable plant sources, acetates are hypoallergenic, strong, durable and flexible for daily use. The smooth, transparent and glossy surface of acetate frames made it more attractive to people’s faces as it doesn’t blend in but stands out.

Located in Manchester, the design and names of the frame are deeply inspired by the natural and cultural beauty of the city. In just two years into action, Tom Archer has won two business awards including the Albert Gubay and the Venture Further Award. You can visit their sweet home aka their Walkden and Bury Store for a free eye test. The brand’s central focus is on priorities customer’s needs. The steep cost of eye tests was often the hurdle that restricted people from getting their eyes checked. It increases the possibility of severe eye diseases like cataract, and age-related macular degeneration. You don’t need to pay for frequent eye check-ups anymore for maintaining eye health. Whether you are looking for cheap prescription glasses or the designer ones, the brand offers reasonable prices.All of the Tom Archer glasses include impact-resistant lenses with anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-scratch coating for free. You don’t have to pay a penny for extra coatings anymore that often shake your budget. Order them online or visit the store, it’s completely your choice.

While you order online, you can use the brands free home trial service to try and test out their products before making a purchase. Their free home trial is quite different from the normal one you see around. Not only do you get to try four frames, but the cart also contains three different lenses and lasers to experiment their effects on your eyes. It’s completely free and available for 7 days of use. Just order then bring it home, with no time wasted as Tom Archer offers 24-hour dispatch, where your glasses reach you the very next day or the same day. It’s one of the revolutionary services that no other brands or company offers yet. It is what makes Tom Archer truly original in designing products and services.

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