Top 10 Cakes That You Can Get For Birthdays


Birthdays are a special celebratory occasion. And you can show it to everyone that your day is here. Everyone likes celebrating their birthdays. The main thing on birthdays is cakes. Wherever you live, you will get cakes anyways. Thus, it’s easy to get a cake for birthdays.

However, choosing the perfect one is quite tricky as there is a variety of flavors out there. You can select from layer cakes to no-bake cakes depending on your preference. If you love chocolate, then you can get chocolate or white chocolate. If you want something extraordinary, then try pineapple cake or black forest cake. Let’s briefly discuss some of the cakes that will be perfect for birthdays.


Caramel Cream Cake

The deliciousness of caramel and the creamy texture, when added to a cake, results in caramel cream cake. It has such a yummy taste that you would get a heavenly taste from the first bite. People who love the sweet taste will get a heavenly delight through this cake. Thus, you can get a caramel cream cake for your birthday and enjoy it.


Chocolate Cake

For all chocolate lovers, chocolate cake is a perfect birthday cake. You can get a chocolate truffle cake or a choco fudge cake. The yumminess of the chocolate, when added to the tasty cake base, makes a perfect combination, and the chocolate toppings over the cake complete it.


Black Forest Cake

It is pretty popular nowadays. Its heavenly taste, unique texture and beautiful look make it a perfect cake for celebratory occasions like birthdays. The cherries on top of the cake enhance its beauty. And the creamy flavour of vanilla along with chocolate makes it incredible.


Fresh Vanilla Cake

The vanilla flavour is simple but the best one to add to a cake. If you get a fresh vanilla cake for anyone’s birthday, it would be a perfect idea. Vanilla has a different elegance to it, and when adding to a cake, it would add both deliciousness and elegance to the cake as a whole. Nothing can beat its taste. So get this delicious and lovely cake for birthday celebrations.


Pineapple Cake

A pineapple cake is one of the perfect choices for birthday celebrations. Officially in Taiwan, pineapple cake is a Taiwanese pastry. Get some Taiwanese pastry for birthday celebrations. It is a simple cake that comes with less sweet content. Thus, it’s perfect for those who like fewer sweets in the cake.


Kit-Kat Cake

The deliciousness of a kit kat cake is undefinable. If you are someone who loves KitKat, then a kit-kat cake would be perfect. The cake base has a dense and moist texture to it which makes it even more delicious, and you would see KitKat on it too and enjoy the deliciousness of kit kat with every bite.


Mango Cake

Want a fruit taste for your birthday cake? Then how about a mango cake? You would notice mango added to several things such as Ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes, etc., then why not cake? You can get a cake, and added with it would be the flavour of the pulpy and sweet mango. It would be the best thing for those who want something fruity.


Red Velvet Cake

The scrumptious flavour of red velvet cake that has an incredible texture and looks to it is mouthwatering. For classy lovers, red velvet cake is perfect. The red and white cream on top enhances its look even more.


White chocolate cake

For those who love white chocolate, white chocolate cake would be lovely as a birthday cake. The yummy taste of white chocolate with a beautiful cake base would be a perfect combo. You can even get a white forest cake as it also has an incredible flavour to it.


Butterscotch cake

Another flavour that you can get for birthdays is a butterscotch cake. It has a yummy flavour that you won’t get in other cakes. Once you try it, you will know. And if you have already tasted it, then think of getting it for birthday celebrations.



Above were the top 10 cakes that would be nice for birthdays. All the cakes are delicious and contain a uniqueness of their own. Thus, when a birthday comes, order any of the cakes as mentioned above. Where do you live? Is it Tiruppur? If it is, then Online cake delivery in Kochi is available.

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