Top 10 things to do in Santorini To Enjoy Perfect Holiday

Santorini is often listed as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, which are some of the reasons. These include towering cliffs, magnificent whitewashed churches, bright blue domes and archaeological treasures from a lost civilization. , These are breathtaking scenery. The sunny island of Santorini is officially named Thira. It is the largest island in the Cyclades and arguably the cutest archipelago. These islands are located in the southeast of the blue Aegean Sea in mainland Greece .

Santorini is one of the largest volcanic eruptions in written history. The explosion created an archipelago on a single island and left behind the geological feature that attracts tourists to Santorini today: a huge sea caldera. In addition to admiring the awe-inspiring views of the semi-submerged crater, other activities in Santorini include exploring Minoan artifacts and ruins buried by ancient eruptions. Famous for dry white wine, With picturesque beaches and vibrant nightlife, Santorini is also a popular destination for tourists who also want to relax.


Oia is famous for its stunning sunsets, it is not as noisy as Fira, and it is also Santorini’s top tourist destination. The village is also situated on an impressive cliff, with charming houses in narrow streets, blue domed churches and sunbathing balconies. One of the most beautiful villages on the island of Oia was once home to a prosperous merchant fleet that traded with Mediterranean countries in the 1800s and early 1900s. Although part of the city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1956, the remnants of its navigation still exist. The elegant captain’s house occupies the best part of town and has a magnificent view of the crater.


Fira is the capital of Santorini and one of the most spectacular areas of all towns and villages on the island. The city’s sugar cube-shaped buildings sit on the edge of a high volcanic crater, offering spectacular views of the coastline and the Aegean Sea, especially at sunset, when the entire town is bathed in golden light. The central street of Fira is full of shops, jewellery shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs, which is very crowded during peak season. Sea visitors can reach Fira by climbing zigzag stairs along the cliffs. Adventurous travelers can take the cable car to the summit.

3.Perissa Beach

Perissa Beach is almost a mirror image of Kamari Beach. Kamari Beach is located on the north side of the rocky headland, separated by two pieces of black sand. As there are fewer restaurants, bars and clubs, Perissa’s level of development is slightly lower than that of Kamari, and the level of congestion is reduced. Sand also has finer particles, so it is suitable for long walks on the beach. Water taxis are provided so that travelers can easily go to the two beaches. Snorkeling and scuba diving are available at the diving center in the village of Perissa


The eruption of the Santorini volcano occurred nearly 3,700 years ago, blowing off the pristine island. The sea water rushed into the caldera, forming a huge lagoon, deep enough, except for the largest cruise ship, all other ships can be moored in the port. There are two small volcanic islands in the center of the crater, Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni (New and Old Kameni). Nea Kameni is a barren island, and dozens of cruise ships visit every day throughout the summer. Visitors climb a gravel road to the top of the 130-meter (430-foot) high crater, where the entire rim can be completed.

5.Akrotiri excavation

The thriving town of Akrotiri, known as the “Minoan Pompeii”, was destroyed and preserved by a volcanic eruption around 1500 BC. The town was not discovered until the 1860s. At that time, workers stumbled across the town while collecting mud for the construction of the Suez Canal. Akrotiri is an outpost in Crete. It was first settled by the Minoans in 3000 BC and reached its peak after 2000 BC, when it developed trade and agriculture, and Settled in the current town. Some of the structures are three stories high, with stone steps, and a large number of ceramic pots and pottery. Akrotiri has recently reopened to the public, allowing visitors to get a glimpse of Santorini’s life in the Bronze Age.

6.Prehistoric Museum

The Stella Museum is located in the capital Fira and is one of the most important cultural attractions in Santorini. The museum was opened in 2000 and contains treasures excavated by Akrotiri, including a large number of colorful murals. Photos depicting women collecting saffron from saffron can provide insight into the daily life of the early residents of the island. Although the murals of swallows are easy to understand, scholars are puzzled by the depiction of blue monkeys because the swallows still live on the cliffs of the caldera. Historians have found no evidence that monkeys once lived on Santorini.

7.Kamari Beach

Kamari is the largest and most popular beach on Santorini, located on the seaside of the village of the same name. The name of the town and beach is taken from the small arch or “kamara” on the cliff at the southern end of the beach, which is the remains of the Poseidon Shrine. Kamari is known for its black sand and pebbly coastline. It is the most developed beach on the island, lined with hotels, bars and nightclubs. In addition to sunbathing and people watching, snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities.


Once the capital of Santorini, the inland city of Pyrgos sits on the top of a hill and offers spectacular views of the island from all directions. The remains of the Venetian castle perched on top of the hill. There is a church inside the walls of the castle, which is said to be built in the 10th century. Pyrgos is relatively unscathed by tourism and has some of the best examples of medieval architecture on the island. The village is surrounded by wineries, many of which offer tours and tastings. The dessert wine called Vinsanto produced here is considered one of the best wines in Greece.

9.Therasia (Thirassia)

Therasia is an ideal destination for tourists who want to enjoy the sunny atmosphere of Santorini instead of the crowds. The largest of the five small villages, also called Therasia, has only about 150 residents. Climb a long flights of steps along the crater to reach it. The smaller island has the same picturesque buildings as Santorini, and the residents have the same traditions and customs. Whether it is a day trip or a weekend getaway, Therasia can provide tourists with authentic cuisine

10.Ancient serra

The ancient Thera is situated on a high cliff, standing upright in the sea between the beaches of Kamari and Perissa. Its monuments were excavated in the early 1900s. The remains of ancient tombs, monuments and houses, churches and fortifications represent the extensive post-Mino period. Striking features include Roman Baths, 4th-century Hellenistic architecture and Apollo Shrine marked with 8th-century graffiti. Visitors can climb to the site from the beach below, or take a tourist bus, taxi or private car to reach the ruins.Flight Tickets To Santorini

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